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Land Surveying and Engineering Company Beats Cryptolocker With Axcient


Jason Graf is the Vice President of Gayron de Bruin, a leading land surveying and engineering company in the Tri-State area. He soon realized that the traditional approach of using tape backup for data protection was not enough to ensure business continuity and was proven right when a critical server was hit with the Cryptolocker virus. Luckily he had just turned to Axcient for help.


  • Using traditional tape backup solution. Lacked overall system protection and ability to quickly recover applications
  • Expensive to maintain and resource-intensive to manage and rotate tape backups


  • The Axcient Business Recovery Cloud – hybrid cloud for local and cloud protection
  • Protection of data, applications and the entire IT infrastructure
  • Business continuity through local and cloud failover with office virtualization


  • Ability to quickly respond and recover from IT outages as demonstrated in the Cryptolocker event
  • Instant server failover locally or in the cloud with office virtualization for true business continuity
  • Granular MS SQL and Exchange Recovery for quick and easy recovery

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