Our Managed Service Partners

Axcient understands the best IT is delivered by MSPs. Our goal is to enable our MSP partners and their client success with unparalleled business continuity software and service.

Robert Cioffi,
COO – Progressive Computing

“The relationship that we have with Axcient is something that we value tremendously. Axcient values the relationship we have with them and takes the time to address our concerns. It’s definitely a team effort and behind that team is just great people.”

Kevin Dunn,
President – Data Trends Technology

“Axcient is extremely accessible when it comes to tech support. They’re incredibly agile when it comes to solving issues that need quick solutions, which is incredibly important especially in the legal field.”

Mark Jamieson,
President – 2W Technologies

“Axcient gives us the ability to ensure continuity for our clients. There have been many times where Axcient has quite literally saved the bacon of these businesses and you wonder if they would still be in business today if we didn’t have Axcient.”