Discover How Midsize Firms Gain Continuity Through Data Protection

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Watch ESG Senior Analyst Jason Buffington and Axcient VP of Product Todd Scallan as they discuss the latest research on key considerations for data protection in midsize organizations.

Though midsize firms often have the same IT requirements as enterprises, they lack right-sized budgets and consolidated toolsets. With this presentation you will learn what the latest trends in data protection are as well as how you should evaluate the different technologies to ensure you pick the right solution.

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Questions they’ll answer:

  • What’s driving the business need for locked-down data protection and availability?
  • Which key tech mechanisms should companies absolutely look to, in order to reach IT goals?
  • How are virtualization and hybrid clouds changing the game — for good?

MSP Bonus: Service providers will find the webcast essential for knowing ways to consolidate data protection and business continuity customers on the same platform, and for ways to give salient advice on cloud-based recovery.

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“If a server does crash or fails, we know that we can easily and quickly spin it up in the Axcient cloud for true business continuity, this is something we never had.” Steve Billingsley, IT Manager, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors Virtualization Quote