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iCorps Technologies

iCorps Technologies a full-service IT consulting and outsourcing firm for businesses in and around Boston, New York City and Philadelphia. Jeff Lauria, Director of Technology for iCorps Technologies, discusses the technology and partnership benefits of Axcient:

  • Rock solid technology. “We believe that Axcient provides the best solution out there. The technology is rock solid. Their foundational technology was strong, and what they have added over the last couple years has not changed it, but made the product much better.”
  • Complete BCDR solution. “Axcient is a disk-based backup system, so it is a quick backup. It is in the cloud, which allows for offsites, and it has a continuity piece. What I like to say is Axcient provides to us DR in a box.”
  • Cost-effective offsite protection. “Now all of our clients have the ability to have offsite backups, even where it was too costly before, and recovery onsite.”
  • Ease of management. “Because the Axcient solution is so easy to manage, our network operations center doesn’t have to spend a significant amount of time on it, which enables us to have a lower cost of ownership and greater return on our investment.”
  • Hands-on control. “Our network operations center can manage this at 100%. We don’t have to call Axcient to do anything. We can set backups. We can do the recovery.”

Collaborative partnership. “What Axcient does very, very well is collaboration. It is about how we can work together to make this service better, both from a technical perspective and an end-user experience. And that really is key to an ongoing strong relationship.”

Open feedback for enhancements. “Axcient has taken feedback from their partners, implemented it where possible and made us feel like part of a team. Over the last year, Axcient has probably added a few hundred different enhancements to the product, still keeping the foundation of the product, to respond to their partners’ requests.”

11:49 pm
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