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MSP Chooses Axcient for Cloud Continuity, Verifiable Backup, and Virtualization Capabilities

For nearly two decades, iCorps Technologies has provided IT consulting and outsourcing services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout the Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. With a large and diverse customer base spanning a number of industries, iCorps understands that their business customers handle thousands of sensitive end-user files each day. In turn, the managed services provider (MSP) protects businesses with Axcient – a comprehensive and secure data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution. But that wasn’t always the case, according to iCorps Director of Technology Jeffery Lauria.

iCorps Wanted Better Control of Backups and Restores

Lauria has been at the head of iCorps’ technology services for the past nine years and has five fingers on the pulse of the technology needs of their customers. Lauria explained that, until recently, iCorps had been supporting its customers with a data backup product from a different vendor. But the solution was complicated and caused iCorps to become highly dependent on the vendor’s support team, rather than being able to support the data backup needs of iCorps’ customers internally.

“We had no control over it, and it wasn’t easy to use,” Lauria recalled. “We always had to call the vendor for support help and we didn’t have the ability to spin-up a local virtual machine. We had to do it in the cloud, and we were completely reliant on the vendor.” Lauria said the prior vendor also did not offer any way to validate a client’s backup data.

“All we had to go on were server reports,” Lauria said. “We wanted a solution that would allow us to validate the information in those reports so that we could tell our customers that their data was completely secure.”

Luckily, iCorps took advice from a fellow MSP in Canada, which turned iCorps on to the Axcient solution for complete data, application, and system uptime. But, like any responsible service provider, iCorps thouroughlly tested Axcient against other solutions on the market before using it to support its business customers.

Axcient Passes the iCorps Test

“We really did our due diligence and compared Axcient head-to-head against products from four other data backup vendors,” said Lauria. “We found that Axcient is the easiest product to use for restores and for virtualization.”

Lauria found many Axcient features superior to backup and restore capabilities from other vendors. But the one that really sealed the deal for iCorps was the ability to spin-up local virtual machines – something iCorps could not do with other data backup products. “For us, being able to login and spin-up a virtual machine in under 15 minutes is critical,” Lauria explained. “It is literally a one-click spin-up of a virtual machine, and we have the ability to test it at any time. That’s a real sell point for us.”

Axcient Acts as a Selling Feature for iCorps

With Axcient Cloud Continuity, iCorps now has the competitive advantage of being able to respond to a client emergency by instantly creating a virtual office – complete with a customer’s data, applications, and systems – in the Axcient cloud.
“We can actually show clients how Axcient allows us to spin-up virtual machines, and it has become a real selling point for us,” said Lauria. “We sell on the premise that every business needs a data backup solution that follows the best practice of keeping backups offsite. But Axcient allows us to go a step further with the ability to restore servers in under 15 minutes and ensure business continuity.”

iCorps Gains Peace of Mind with Axcient

With so many businesses depending on iCorps to backup their most critical files, the MSP was really looking for a solution that could validate its customers’ backup data. Lauria explained how Axcient has met this need as well.

“With Axcient, we finally have the ability to validate the backup information. We can see that the image is there. We backup our customers every night and we can verify it at any time,” Lauria said. “But Axcient gives us a safety blanket. With Axcient, we can spin-up an entire environment in the cloud and keep a business going even during a disaster.”

iCorps has been using Axcient for the last 16 months and has deployed 25 Axcient units in total, to its real estate and financial business customers. The MSP expects to further accelerate Axcient deployments this year.

“Our goal this year is to deploy 4-5 Axcient units each month,” Lauria said. “I recommend Axcient to our clients and I’m very proud and happy to deploy it.”

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