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InPursuit Solutions

InPursuit Solutions

Axcient Enables InPursuit Solutions to say, “Goodbye to the Pain of Old Tapes and Disk Backup”

Headquartered in San Jose, California, InPursuit Solutions is an IT solution provider that uses the Axcient solution to protect sensitive financial documents for the clients of its parent company, Petrinovich Pugh & Company LLP (PP&C). When PP&C went paperless in 2002, management knew it needed a data protection solution that could accommodate the dramatic growth of digital data and the unique challenges that were associated with managing it. Most of InPursuit Solutions’ clients are small businesses and high net-worth individuals who store large amounts of sensitive financial documents. The company has 50 professional employees and downtime is very expensive. Like many small businesses faced with the task of storing increasing amounts of data, InPursuit Solutions needed a complete data protection platform that included not only local backup and automated remote disaster recovery capabilities that could grow with them, but one that offered business continuity features.

Risk of Data Loss a Driving Force Behind Choosing the Axcient Solution

Prior to Axcient, InPursuit Solutions had relied on a tedious local tape and disk backup recovery system that proved to have mixed results. The problem was that the process was tedious and had mixed results. Of greatest concern to the business was the inclination for the tapes and disks to break or become damaged, putting clients’ data and business at risk. Tapes were also too infrequently sent offsite, leaving InPursuit vulnerable in the event of a catastrophe such as local data corruption or a fire.

InPursuit Solutions Demanded a More Efficient Way to Store and Protect Data

Sean McLean, IT Director at InPursuit Solutions, understood the various types of solutions available to small businesses and knew that an Internet or cloud-based solution was not the answer. McLean discovered that though backups to the cloud didn’t cause too many issues, it was the length of time needed for even rudimentary file recovery. He wanted a turnkey on-site data backup and replication management appliance that also included automatic and transparent off-site cloud-based storage and services.

“With Axcient, we can backup all of our data locally at gigabyte speed and supplement that with Axcient’s off-site service for disaster recovery purposes at our leisure.” – Sean McLean, IT Director

How Axcient Stepped Up to the Challenge

InPursuit Solutions chose Axcient for its all-in-one hybrid solution that offers local and offsite backup and disaster recovery in a single integrated platform. With Axcient’s agentless solution, McLean and his team can manage all of their backups from a single server and with just a click. Unlike other solutions, Axcient restores lost data in minutes, not days or weeks, and ensures data is readily available in the event of disaster, server failure, or human error.

With Axcient’s pay-as-you-grow model, InPursuit Solutions is able to scale cost-effectively as its data grows. When it needs to upgrade its existing appliance to something larger in the future, Axcient has built in an appliance migration tool that handles the data transfer efficiently. In addition, Axcient’s Web-based management platform requires no software installation and is securely accessible from any location over the Web. The remote management console allows for centralized administration of the backup environment, quick setup and fewer management hours.

“Our previous solution was costing more than $5,000 per year in hardware, software licensing, disks and tapes, plus the cost to properly manage the infrastructure in case of a disaster,” said McLean. “With Axcient we pay significantly less, plus it’s easy to manage because it’s central and remote, which means we free up valuable time and resources so we win both ways.”

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