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Integrated IT Solutions: Managed Services Provider Solutions

Integrated IT Solutions is a managed services provider headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Frank Vincentelli, CTO, discusses the numerous benefits of the Axcient managed services provider solution over traditional backup:

  • Traditional solutions fall short. “We had a large installed base of traditional backup solutions – a media server connected to tape drives, tape libraries or removable hard drives, with physical transportation of media offsite for disaster recovery preparedness and so forth. This approach is unreliable.”
  • Axcient more reliable, easier, less costly. “Axcient gave us a definite advantage compared to the traditional backup technologies. By increasing reliability and by automating the management of the offsite component, it made a lot of the day-to-day burden associated with running, maintaining and verifying the integrity of backups a moot point. Backup became less costly thanks to the improved confidence and reliability associated with the Axcient product.”
  • Outstanding partnership. “The relationship with Axcient has been nothing short of outstanding. Whenever there have been issues, we call somebody here, they ask what the problem is and then they fix it.”
  • Peace of mind. “Benefits to our clients are multiple: Confidence, peace of mind, knowing their data is safe regardless of the circumstance. Faster restores, because the recovery process is much quicker than it used to be in traditional media. And the fact that you can have more than one backup set per calendar day, which means they can have access to more recent versions of their data.”
  • Axcient for the long term. “Every now and then, you see a company that appears to have the right balance of technology, of resources and of people skills. In an industry where there is an 80% chance that a business will not be in business in five years, I think that this organization has what it takes to succeed.”
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