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IronEdge Group Disaster Recovery Case Study

IronEdge Group

IronEdge Embraces Axcient’s Service Provider Pricing, Increases Margins

IronEdge Group is a leading managed services provider that prides itself on putting its customers first and delivering the greatest value on every information technology dollar its customers spend. The Texas-based MSP’s client size varies from one to two servers per site up to 30 and between five to 10 TB of protected data.

Ryan Lakin, managing partner at IronEdge Group, has been following Axcient since its inception.
He is confident that with the level of protection Axcient provides, all of his clients are protected from IT downtime and data loss with true business continuity. IronEdge has several client deployments on Axcient.

Easy Deployments, Saves Time and Costs

With Axcient’s easy-to-use Web-based portal, MSPs like IronEdge can easily deploy, monitor, and manage their client’s devices and entire IT environments from a single screen, dramatically reducing the amount of time spent managing each client site. Axcient enables IronEdge to provide its clients with true business continuity.

“With Axcient, clients receive a hybrid cloud solution for both local and cloud protection for data and applications,” said Lakin. “We had a situation where a couple of client servers crashed, but we were able to easily and instantly failover to the Axcient cloud. Client data and applications were protected, and the incidents were barely noticed.”

You Had Me at Service Provider Pricing

A primary concern for many managed service providers is acquiring and deploying a solution that will reduce costs and increase margins. While working with traditional forms of backup or disparate solutions, MSPs face the challenge of high costs, complex and incomplete solutions that charge additional maintenance and licensing fees, require third party add-ons, and penalize users for protecting large data sets. Without an off-site data protection element, many MSPs are left vulnerable to a major IT interruption. This cumbersome system drains MSP margins and further pushed Lakin toward Axcient.

Axcient’s service provider pricing gives IronEdge a pool of storage that it can distribute along its client base. These pooled protection “Packs” allow IronEdge to allocate protection among its clients, instead of being forced to purchase storage per each client as is common with other vendors. This allows MSPs such as IronEdge to sign up for different packs based on number of servers and storage, which then can be distributed based on customer needs or as a bundled service.

“The Axcient service provider pricing is very attractive to MSPs,” said Lakin. “The more customers we bring into our pool, the better it is for our margins. Every new client engagement that we start, we always lead with Axcient’s Recovery-as-a-Service for all backup and disaster recovery needs. It’s great for our customers and the fact that it’s so easy to deploy and manage means it’s simpler and more cost effective for IronEdge.”

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