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National IT Services Provider Turns to Axcient for Data Protection And Recovery

KWCG is a national technology consulting company headquartered in San Diego, California. Formed in January 1997, the company has become one of the most complete technology service providers in the country, developing core competencies such as network security, network storage, network management, virtualization/cloud consulting and technical staffing.

KWCG Chief Technology Officer Gary Wallin has been in the IT business for more than 20 years and is responsible for running the engineering team and supporting sales. With a strong background in data protection and storage technologies, Wallin has a deep understanding of the market and of his customers’ needs.

“We work with a wide range of customers in various industries: education, federal and state government, biotech, high tech, software, manufacturing; the list goes on. And while they may have different individual requirements, the one need that is always top of mind is complete data protection.”
– Gary Wallin, CTO

KWCG has used a few different solutions in the past and was most recently deploying (and unhappy with) another well-known backup and recovery product. “Tech support is a key factor for us because our service levels and client satisfaction are greatly impacted if we can’t contact someone or if it takes too long for the vendor to get back to us,” said Wallin. “We need to be in contact with someone immediately and when that became an issue with our current solution we knew it was time to make a change.”
The organization evaluated a series of vendors before deciding that Axcient was the best solution for its needs.

Eating Your Own Dog Food

In addition to deploying Axcient to its client base, the company is itself using the Axcient solution to protect its own data and systems. This proved to be a wise decision when KWCG’s database was recently corrupted during the merging of two CRM databases following a company acquisition.

“Thanks to Axcient, we were able to spin up a virtual image of our server to continue working and then recovered the data,” said Wallin. “I can say without a doubt that without Axcient we would have lost more than 35,000 records. We are telling our clients to use Axcient and explaining how the solution works, but having gone through the process of using it ourselves makes it much more valuable.”

What really started to generate a lot of interest from KWCG’s engineers that implement Axcient and with its client base is Axcient’s ability to send a screenshot validation email. This unique Axcient feature certifies that every single server image backup can be spun up as a VM when needed by doing an automated test every time a new snapshot is generated. “I love that each image snapshot is automatically validated and I am notified with an email showing the server login screen indicating it was successfully virtualized during test,” said Wallin.

The Future of Data Protection

With more than a dozen clients now using Axcient to protect close to 80TB, KWCG has been putting Axcient to the test and has realized additional benefits.

“Some of the big vendors in this space don’t have all the features that Axcient has and still charge four times as much for their services,” said Wallin. “Well-known, expensive, enterprise backup products have complex interfaces, don’t give you the ability to failover locally or in the cloud, and don’t have the screenshot validation email.”

Most companies are still using local backup software or appliance-based backup solutions, which leave them vulnerable in case of an IT interruption, power outage, or other event. Some also tend to use a solution for backup, another for deduplication, and a third for cloud or off-site. With Axcient, KWCG clients now have a single, integrated platform for all their backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity needs.

“Backup and disaster recovery is simple, so why do vendors complicate things?” said Wallin. “Axcient has taken a good approach, making the user interface really easy to use. As we manage multiple deployments, I have one screen to use. That’s how it should be.”

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