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Real Estate, Investment Leader Chooses Axcient to Keep Business Running

With roots dating back to 1893 when John McCourt, an Irish immigrant to Boston founded the McCourt Company, the family business has evolved and diversified to include construction, real estate, media, and even the acquisition of the Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team.

Today, McCourt Global is a leader in building value through entrepreneurial, strategic, and philanthropic investments. The firm’s principal businesses include MG Properties, MG Capital, and MG Sports & Media.

To sustain the pace of growth and the more than 50 employees spread through three offices, the company relies on an intricate technology infrastructure that provides the systems and applications that keeps the business running. Chief at the helm of the IT organization is Holt Satterfield, director of information technology.

Improving Company Resiliency

Satterfield’s years of experience as an IT leader meant that he knew a better and more robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution was needed at McCourt Global. He was initially steered toward colocation, a disaster recovery model in which a company has duplicate servers running at an off-site location to be accessed in the event of a disaster. But further research proved to Satterfield that colocation would be a solution with more overhead and no significant benefits.

“My concerns with colocation were the high costs for leasing space or purchasing servers, and the extra burden of having to manage what would entail a fourth office altogether,” said Satterfield. “Besides, I would have to deal with three or more vendors to solve problems.”

In his search for the perfect solution for the company, Satterfield reviewed – and rejected –Unitrends, nScaled, inMage, Datto, and Doyenz. Some products required users to call into tech support for recovery and testing operations. Others were difficult to use, or tech support was via a third-party reseller.

It wasn’t until Satterfield reviewed Axcient that he finally found a solution that fit all of his requirements and business needs.

The Solution with Positive ROI

“I was looking for a solution that would protect my entire IT environment, that was easy to use, and that would allow me to run Disaster Recovery tests as often as I needed without incurring additional costs or engineer services,” said Satterfield. “I demoed quite a few vendors. In all facets – file recovery, server failover, ease of use – Axcient passed with flying colors.”

Axcient gives users the ability to quickly recovery files, applications, and entire systems within minutes with its integrated cloud-based platform that replaces backup, disaster recovery, deduplication, replication, and other point products with one solution. But where Axcient really shines is in the ability to do all of that in the cloud, and to virtualize the entire IT infrastructure in the cloud so that employees can keep working even during a disaster.

“It’s like having the same benefits of a colocation, but Axcient gives me one vendor to deal with for an amazing ROI,” said Satterfield. “One of the vital selling points for me was the ease-of-use of Axcient’s administrative console. I can manage all my office sites from one interface. It’s great.”

Another bonus for Satterfield? Axcient’s technical support team.

“Axcient’s tech support is superb. My experience with the tech support team has been phenomenal.”

Added Benefits of Business Continuity

Part of keeping the business running involves ensuring that the disaster recovery solution is actually doing its job and will work when needed. While legacy backup products require constant review of logs and system files, Axcient automatically tests the image snapshots that it is taking of the servers and notifies the IT administrator. “The fact that I get validation emails with a screenshot of the server, letting me know that it can be spun up at any time, gives me a great sense of security,” said Satterfield.

By working with Axcient, McCourt Global is getting more than data protection and recovery – it is benefiting from a true business continuity solution.

“If I have to take a server down for maintenance or if anything happens to a server at the office, I can spin one up in the local appliance in minutes,” Satterfield said. “But if the whole office goes down, I can spin it all up in the Axcient cloud. Either way, Axcient protects the company from downtime so we can all get back to business.”

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