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Nibbi Brothers Case Study


Axcient Gives Nibbi Brothers Peace of Mind with Full Data and Application Protection

Nibbi Brothers is not your typical builder. The San Francisco-based contracting company specializes in technically complex urban projects and have worked on some of the most well-known landmarks in the San Francisco Bay Area, including The Exploratorium’s new building at Pier 15, the historic Cliff House, and the San Jose Museum of Art. Along with a string of highly complex projects comes the need for a robust information technology infrastructure, including 10 servers and several virtual machines. “The systems we run from our office headquarters are the lifeblood of the organization,” said Mukesh Darke, manager of information technology for Nibbi Brothers.

The Server Crash

After joining Nibbi Brothers about two years ago, Mukesh started to think about their disaster recovery plans and the systems that supported it. At the time, the company relied on tape backup, a solution that worried Mukesh because of its unreliability. “We backed up to tape and also to disk, but I was worried about availability. What if the tape fails to restore? And the disk backup product we had was having problems handling our data volume, around 3TB.”

Then, a server crashed.

“One of our servers failed one day and we just couldn’t restore. We lost all the data. That’s when disaster recovery began to be taken seriously and I got the green light to look for a better solution that had a cloud component,” Mukesh said.

Trials and Errors

The first attempt at a cloud backup solution led Nibbi Brothers to JungleDisk, a cloud storage vendor. It was pure file storage in the cloud but without enterprise-level capabilities. Mukesh said they tried Carbonite and Zetta before discovering Axcient.

The Importance of Disaster Recovery

Nibbi Brothers was initially treating backup and disaster recovery as two different projects; until Axcient showed them the light. “Our primary concern was to get data backed up securely, but when Axcient presented us with a solution that allowed us not only to securely offsite our data but also failover servers and continue working in the event of a disaster, it was a no brainer.”

With Axcient, Nibbi Brothers now has local and cloud protection. “I liked the fact that Axcient has an onsite appliance, which allows for faster recovery and local disaster recovery at the office, and also gives us the virtual office in the cloud,” Mukesh said.

Boasting low prices, online backup solutions are attractive and have gained popularity in the enterprise sector with companies that rely on its systems. However, the need to eliminate application downtime can blindside them to the fact that having their data online doesn’t necessarily give them rapid recovery in case of a disaster. Nibbi Brothers deals with complex technical projects and requires constant access to their data and systems. Construction schedules, project plans, blueprints and all the files that make up their daily activities are the lifeblood of the organization. When every hour of application downtime can cost thousands of dollars, investing in a solution that allows quick recovery and uninterrupted productivity even when faced with a disaster is of critical importance.

Nibbi Brothers extended their commitment to excellence beyond their physical projects into the way they handle their IT systems. “With Axcient in place I feel more secure that my data is protected and available when I need it, no matter what,” Mukesh said.

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