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Northeast Valley Health Corporation Improves IT Resiliency with Axcient

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With increasing reliance on electronic records, the Northeast Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC) was pressed to modernize its data protection and recovery strategy to ensure system availability and avoid application downtime. By engaging DataTel Consulting for a thorough search and evaluation process to select a new IT continuity solution to provide server failover capability, the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud was chosen for its lower total cost of ownership, superior user interface, and lower RTO.

Going Beyond Data Protection

Stephen Gutierrez, CIO of NEVHC, explains that with a highly virtualized environment running VMware connected to six Storage Area Networks (SANs), NEVHC’s backup and disaster recovery architecture was based on a legacy approach of mirroring the SANs to a co-location facility. Although the data was fully backed up and could be recovered when needed, Gutierrez knew that the plan had a major gap when it came to business continuity.

“We had the ability to recover data but if one of the virtual hosts were to go down we didn’t have the capability to failover,” explains Gutierrez. “In case of a full site failure we wouldn’t be able to continue operating and would have to wait until we had replaced the equipment and restored the data to continue doing business – something that could take days.”

Key Criteria for Business Continuity

As part of the strategic plan for IT, Gutierrez looked at their disaster recovery and business continuity plans and decided it was time for a change.
“The more reliant we became on electronic records, the more vulnerable we were to potential IT disruptions. We needed a solution that allowed us to continue operating and for the providers to continue accessing patient information, even if our data center went down,” says Gutierrez.
For the evaluation process NEVHC engaged DataTel Consulting, a premier provider of full-service communications and integrated CRM solutions, to lead the project. The key criteria for selection was:

  • The ability to backup data continuously, allowing for multiple restore points throughout the day Straightforward, one-button restore for reducing the RTO
  • Centralized dashboard that gave visibility to protection and recovery operations as well as audit reports An easy way to perform routine disaster recovery tests
  • The capability to easily failover servers for both production and sandboxed testing
  • Vendors evaluated included VaultLogix, EVault, and Axcient. “Axcient met all the criteria upfront,” explains Gutierrez.

A Secondary Data Center On-Demand

“Being in the healthcare industry, we are obligated by contract to perform annual disaster recovery testing. With Axcient, we are able to perform unlimited tests at no additional cost in a sandboxed environment. No other vendor I know has this capability.”

The company considers Axcient’s easy recovery process and ability to failover locally and in the cloud additional benefits of the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud.

“The recovery process, ease of implementation, and built-in sandbox testing and auditing capabilities were far superior to other solutions,” says Gutierrez, adding that “Axcient had the lowest total cost of ownership and best ROI.”

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