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Northern California-Based Leading Construction Company

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Construction Company Reduces Total Cost of Ownership by Switching to Axcient

Since 1938 this Northern California-based leading construction company has been working diligently to provide the best for its customers. This company has evolved from solely providing ready-mix concrete to the construction industry to providing sand and gravel operations, which provide much of the building material for major highways and interstates, stretching from Vallejo to Napa.

Bill M., the head of IT operations has been working at this construction company since 2010, overseeing a team of four IT professionals. One of their primary responsibilities is to make sure their technology infrastructure is protected and always available to employees. Their IT environment consists of nine servers, two VMware virtual machines and seven physical servers with 6TB of data. Bill’s first priority once joining the IT team was to transition away from their current backup and disaster recovery solution to a more reliable system.

The End of the Road for Tape

Initially the business relied on Symantec Backup Exec for backup and recovery and was using three tapes per day to manually backup their MS Exchange, MS SQL and file servers. This setup proved extremely labor intensive and brought to light the poor status of their backup and disaster recovery operations.

“Backup Exec was archaic and this made us archaic in our approach when it came to protecting and keeping our IT infrastructure always up,” Bill M. said. “Even worse, it made it very clear that we didn’t have a good backup and disaster recovery process in place because Backup Exec was not doing proper restores. We couldn’t rely our entire infrastructure on this unstable system.”

He initiated a search for a new solution. Shortly after the search began, they encountered an IT failure that made their decision to leave Backup Exec even more certain.

“One of our servers had a power supply failure and it went down, so it took us two days to recover with Backup Exec,” said Bill M. “We lost over a day’s worth of data that we were not able to recover from the tape.”

End-to-End Protection With Cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery

After many evaluations, Axcient was recommended to the team by a consultant. With Axcient’s Business Recovery Cloud, the team immediately realized that they are receiving not just a backup solution, but a single product for backup, dedupe, archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity. Additionally, Axcient’s hybrid cloud gives two layers of protection: local and cloud.

“Having cloud continuity with Axcient gives us a cushion we didn’t have before,” Bill M. said. “Now, we know that if we were to encounter a server crash or failure again, we are protected. Axcient gives us the ability to failover locally and even if our entire IT infrastructure goes down, we can virtualize our entire office in the cloud. That is something we never had with Backup Exec and that is a lifesaver. It’s enormously comforting knowing that we have Axcient as our backup and disaster recovery service.”

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

With Symantec Backup Exec, everything from set-up, to day-to-day backups was very labor intensive. The man power, the time it took to manage the system, and the cost of tapes all added to their total cost of ownership. This all changed when they implemented Axcient.

“With Axcient, we’ve undoubtedly reduced our total cost of ownership,” said Bill M. “The Web-based interface is self-service and very intuitive. Setting up a server, setting up notifications, checking backup statuses, and running reports is so easy and quick, we’re no longer spending days or even hours on these anymore.”

Another aspect that the team prides Axcient on is the technical support. Axcient provides them with a U.S.-based support team with a 30 second phone answer SLA with a dedicated onboarding team.

“Axcient’s support team is outstanding,” said Bill M. “Getting up and going was a breeze.”

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