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NSK Disaster Recovery Case Study


MSP Eliminates Downtime, Doubles Customer Base, Adds Cloud Continuity to Service Offering by Switching to Axcient

NSK, Inc. President Tim Lasonde knows the world of IT. The Boston-based company, founded in 1995, initially offered IT services, application development, and consulting services. But when NSK became a full managed service provider (MSP) in 2011 it supported its clients’ files with a backup solution from Zenith. When clients began having major outages, hardware failure, and poor support experiences with Zenith, Lasonde knew it was time to find a solution that wouldn’t fail NSK or its clients.

Downtime With Zenith

“None of the features that Zenith said would work actually worked for us,” Lasonde said. “We had to get creative to solve the problem and it generated a lot of downtime for our clients.”

Lasonde became intrigued by Axcient’s single-vendor, single solution approach after meeting an Axcient sales team member at a trade show in 2011. After learning about the product and watching a demo, Lasonde was convinced the Axcient solution was superior to Zenith’s data backup platform from installation to support.

Axcient Ease of Use

“Compared to the Zenith box, Axcient is at least 50%, if not 100%, easier to install,” said Lasonde, who opted for the Axcient solution in June 2011. “The support is easier and better as well. All you get with Zenith support is a chat window where you talk to someone online. With Axcient, you call and immediately get a person who can assist in solving your needs. It’s so nice and refreshing to actually have a human being to chat with.”

But working with Zenith’s support through a chat window wasn’t NSK’s biggest difficulty. When an issue would arise, Lasonde said the company would have to go back and forth between trying to resolve the problem with Zenith and Zenith’s third party vendor, StorageCraft.

“There was a lot of arguing and finger-pointing between Zenith and StorageCraft as to who would fix our issue,” Lasonde said. “I love the fact that the Axcient product is designed and supported by Axcient employees and developers, which makes it easy for them to quickly and painlessly find support solutions when necessary. There are a lot of other backup and disaster recovery systems that bundle a variety of other products together and deploy that as a solution. That doesn’t really work for us. Axcient is a far more cohesive solution because it is all built by one vendor. We selected Axcient because Axcient built itself.”

The Benefit of Axcient Cloud Continuity

The Axcient Cloud Continuity feature has been especially useful to The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, one of NSK’s healthcare customers. According to Mady Tissenbaum, The Journal’s associate publisher & general manager, Axcient and NSK have given The Journal a much more efficient alternative to setting up offsite servers.

“The Journal publishes every two weeks, and we can’t afford downtime,” Tissenbaum said. “We were considering a setup with offsite redundant servers, but Cloud Continuity is a much more economical and efficient solution. It satisfies our risk-management needs and also reduces costs for hazard insurance.”

According to Lasonde, many other NSK business customers are realizing the benefits of Cloud Continuity with Axcient as well. “Cloud Continuity allows us to protect our customers from data loss or system downtime, and it’s one of the main reasons we decided to partner with Axcient.”

NSK Grows With Axcient

With the Axcient all-in-one data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution, NSK has doubled in size in the last two years. The MSP now serves roughly 75 customers throughout the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and construction verticals.

In addition to NSK’s growth through word of mouth and referrals, Lasonde said a part of its success has been the switch from Zenith to Axcient. The MSP is currently in the process of replacing all of its Zenith boxes with the Axcient solution.
“We do file restore on a daily basis and it’s been flawless,” Lasonde said. “We’ve always been able to recover the data. You have to have a reliable backup solution to be a successful MSP. Axcient serves that role for us.”

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