Robust Searches

Instant full text search and rich search filtering, ensuring data accessibility.

Specific and Mass Restore

Restore data into Office 365 applications at both a granular and user level.

Military-grade encryption

Conforms to the highest level of data protection and encryption.

You standardized on Office 365, so your data is safe in the cloud. Or is it?

SaaS applications make it easy to share and collaborate by moving documents from a local drive to the cloud, but your data isn’t any safer than before. If you don’t have a plan for archiving and retrieving your cloud data, you just moved all your eggs from one basket to another.

Your data is still vulnerable to all the same threats—accidental or intentional deletion, overwriting, admin error, hackers. It’s up to you to ensure that you have access to the most current version of all your documents all the time.

CloudFinder for Office 365

Get the assurance that your Office 365 data is backed up, restorable, and protected, using the Axcient Cloud.


Quickly launch GUI-based, full-text searches with rich filtering on files, users and accounts without scripting.


Locate data in Office 365 documents and Exchange Online across historical snapshots and version history.


Select the items to recover from the search results to perform a single-click restore instantaneously.


Streamline operations with automated backup to redundant storage protected with multi-layer military-grade encryption.


Get backup status at a glance with detailed dashboards, reports, and monitoring.

CloudFinder is a great add-on to Microsoft Office 365. I sell CloudFinder with every Office 365 license. CloudFinder has  fast search for restoring any email or a complete Inbox.

– Luis Alvarez, President & CEO, Alvarez Technology Group


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