1) Backed up data can be accessed and deleted by hackers
2) Chain-based backups can fail requiring arduous fixes

Axcient x360Recover is the most cost-effective BCDR solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the SMBs they serve. Data protection and business continuity should not be out of reach for any business, and Axcient’s mission is to Keep Business Running. Easy to manage, x360Recover boasts Chain-Free, AutoVerify, and PSA/RMM integration. These three technologies mean there is no chain management, data is checked for corruption before backup, and ticketing and billing processes can be fully automated. Additionally, x360Recover has AirGap to protect backups in case of ransomware.

Critical capabilities of x360Recover include:

  • RPO of 15-minutes and RTO of less than 1-hour
  • Chain-Free dramatically reduces the overhead of managing chain-based backups
  • Appliance-free BCDR and endpoint protection with our innovative Direct-to-Cloud
  • Self-manage disaster recovery and virtualization with Virtual Office for significantly faster RTO and RPO
  • AirGap protects your backups against attackers and ransomware
  • AutoVerify checks for data corruption before backing up
  • PSA and RMM integration to automate ticketing and billing processes
  • Unlimited storage and retention
  • The choice to bring your own device (BYOD) or use your data center

During a Crisis, Bad Actors Never Sleep

Direct to Cloud

Self Managed DR & Virtualization

MSPs can recover in the cloud within minutes without needing to contact support using Axcient x360Recover Virtual Office. Self-managed disaster recovery (DR) and virtualization gives MSPs the freedom to quickly get critical servers, workstations, data, and applications back up and running, regardless of the environment. And MSPs can conduct disaster recovery testing using test-mode virtualization to prove DR effectiveness. With just a few clicks, MSPs can quickly and independently perform disaster recovery, ensuring true business continuity and providing peace of mind.

Axcient AirGap – Your Last Line of Defense

With the explosion of cybersecurity threats and priority placed on deleting backups, your business continuity and disaster recovery solution cannot be the weak link. That’s where Axcient AirGap comes in. Axcient AirGap separates requests to delete data from the mechanics of data deletion and is enabled by default. It has been independently tested by Core Security and FRSecure to show that even if an attacker breaches your security, your data is safe.

Axcient AirGap – Your Last Line of Defense

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Backups

Axcient Chain-Free uses a pointer-based array algorithm for image-based backup snapshots. This means each snapshot is independent, bootable, and fully recoverable. Unlike Chain-Free, chain-based backups have a critical flaw – each snapshot is dependent on either the previous snapshot or the next. This means if a corruption or malware is discovered from a previous snapshot, the chain is broken, and another full backup must be taken, requiring reseeding or replication to the cloud, wasting storage and time. Axcient Chain-Free has been shown to reduce backup management for 300 protected servers from 2-hours per day to just 10-minutes.

Why MSPs Switch to Axcient x360Recover

Reduce your BCDR total cost of managed services (TCOMS) by up to 50% for you and your clients with x360Recover.

Take advantage of Axcient Chain-Free, AutoVerify, and AirGap to ensure data is backed up correctly and protected from attackers and ransomware. Axcient partners exclusively with MSPs, so SMBs receive personalized service and support for their IT requirements. x360Recover reduces the burden placed on MSP techs through multi-tenant management and the Axcient x360 portal.

MSPs Switch to Axcient x360Recover

What MSPs are Saying

Peace of Mind

“We feel better with Axcient at the end of the day. Especially since Axcient x360Recover has rapidly exceeded my expectations as far as where I thought it would be at this point. When we first signed-up it was a good financial decision, and now it’s just a flat-out better product.”

Greg Richards
Director, Technology Pact-One Solutions

Better Bottom Line

“Moving to Axcient x360Recover resulted in a $1,200 a month savings for us from the licensing standpoint. Aside from the number of support cases going down dramatically because we didn’t have this monthly recurring issue that we had with our previous vendor.”

Brian McCafferty
CTO, Automation Concepts & Technologies

Breaking Free of Chains

“Being able to utilize Chain-Free backup with no dependent backup chains was really critical for us. When we were looking at the new technologies out there, in terms of the evolving backup world, that’s one of the key things we were focusing on.”

Andy Cote
Vice President, Techevolution

Axcient x360 – One Platform for MSPs to Protect EverythingTM

Axcient provides our MSP partners with industry leading business continuity software and support. The Axcient x360 portal is a single pane of glass for MSPs to manage support, training, marketing, and billing. Axcient support is available to our MSP Partners 24/7/365 with a less than 60-minute response time for critical issues.

 Axcient x360