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Security and Compliance

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Axcient CloudFinder for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the office tool of all office tools. And as an organization looking to break through the glass ceiling towards hitting your company’s goals, it is absolutely necessary that you have the capability to securely backup Office 365. While Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, they don’t share the burden of data security and protection.

We understand that it’s one thing to be working via MS Office 365, as it offers the organization the ability to work wherever and whenever – but it’s another thing to be utilizing O365 without a backup. To lose business-critical data to a cyber-attack can be fatal.

O365 backup is the solution to guaranteeing that your clients’ Microsoft data is safe and secure in an environment that you can manage and control. Your clients can work worry-free, since their data is shielded from processes that are usually prone to human error, such as file deletion. Potential security threats and gaps in retention policy are also addressed, all while meeting the legalities involved in compliance requirements.


Axcient Office 365 backup and protection - Exchange backup, OneDrive Backup, SharePoint Backup, Teams Backup

Get the assurance that your Office 365 data is backed up, restorable, and protected, using the Axcient Cloud.

Axcient CloudFinder is the all-around tool that offers you the peace of mind that no blunder can deter your operations. Whether it’s a spreadsheet or a document detailing a certain department’s workflow and processes, or the data on the whole organization’s monthly attendance, the smallest misstep can cause a domino effect. Having to redo that worksheet due to data loss, or for this example, an untraceable deletion, can change the outlook of the stakeholder. One tired and unhappy staff member can contribute to office culture by coming to work daily with poor morale. How can an enterprise take care of its customers if it can’t even ensure the well-being of its people?

From the simplest of processes, such as communicating via email, CloudFinder assures you that your clients will have the capability to protect and recover their online exchanges and correspondences through the O365 cloud email backup. Even the more mission-critical applications used on a daily basis, such as Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint are safe and secure through the O365 OneDrive backup. Axcient guarantees the hundred percent performance of CloudFinder, alongside the following features and benefits:

  • A reliable and complete Office 365 backup and restoration capabilities
  • Detailed reports and validation of all office backup files
  • Robust and easy-to-use searches and filters with SmartSearch
  • Grade A security and compliance with omniscient access of MS O365 for Axcient CloudFinder and Axcient Cloud
  • Enjoy the privilege of exclusive service and support as an MSP partner


With CloudFinder, all of your Office 365 data is a click away saving time and money. Using SmartSearch, an administrator can complete a full-text search on data across multiple users and across Exchange online, OneDrive and SharePoint online.

With SmartSearch, administrators use rich filtering capabilities to search Office 365 data and then granular restore selected specific emails or files. Once data is selected, non-destructive restores are performed with a single click without overwriting existing data.

When restoring, CloudFinder has the additional options for specific point-in-time restores and to export data from your web browser to a compressed zip file. The optimized search and restore process using SmartSearch means you can find and restore what you want very quickly with minimal cost and time.


Security and compliance are critical for cloud applications. The benefit of Microsoft Office 365 “access anywhere” can pose additional risk through access by those with malicious intent.

SecurityScorecard has scored Axcient CloudFinder and the Axcient Cloud an “A” – their highest rating. This scoring was attained through thorough testing of ten security risk factors which aff­ord visibility into the cyberhealth of the Axcient ecosystem. These ten risk factors are: network security, DNS health, patching cadence, endpoint security, IP reputation, application security, Cubit score, hacker chatter, information leakage, and social engineering.

In addition, CloudFinder is compliant with HIPAA and GDPR. The Axcient security and compliance team work around the clock to constantly test and improve our application and cloud security.


Axcient works exclusively with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) so SMBs receive the best service. MSPs provide a client SLA so SMBs can focus on their core business.

We focus on providing our MSP partner network the best software solutions and support. CloudFinder significantly reduces the burden placed on administrators through an intuitive and quick setup in less than a minute. CloudFinder makes restoring data easy with instant full-text searches and point-in-time restores across Office 365 services.

The Axcient support SLA to our partners is 24/7/365 with a less than a 60-minute response time for critical issues. By providing MSPs the best partner experience, that in turn means SMBs get the data protection they need without the additional overhead or worry.

We had convinced our clients to move to the Microsoft platform with the concept of, ‘the service will always be up, data is never going to disappear, and you’re going to be fine.’ But what we didn’t account for was the #1 cause of most problems on any network and that’s the end user. When people delete files and don’t notice until four or five months later, it’s too late to use the normal undelete process available in Office 365.

– Luis Alvarez, President & CEO, Alvarez Technology Group