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Replace Legacy Technology

Axcient replaces legacy backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and archiving products, with a single integrated platform that mirrors an entire business in the cloud, making it simple to restore data, failover applications, and virtualize servers or an entire office with a click. The Recovery-as-a-Service Demo includes:

  • Protect physical and virtual environments
  • Eliminate application and system downtime
  • Rapidly access and recover data
  • Reduce copy data by up to 80% with deduplication
  • Decrease time spent on data protection by 30%+
“I was looking for a solution that would protect my entire IT environment, that was easy to use, and that would allow me to run Disaster Recovery tests as often as I needed without incurring additional costs or engineer services. Axcient passed with flying colors.” Holt Satterfield, Director of Information Technology, McCourt Global