Remember to Vote on Election Day

Election Day is right around the corner and moments like this put our rights front and center, while highlighting the importance of having a say in our democratic process.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve seen great displays of teamwork both internally and throughout the MSP community. The importance of collaboration and team support through tough times is more apparent now than ever before.

To support our team from coast to coast, Axcient made election day a paid holiday for all of our employees. With voter participation already breaking historic records, long lines at polling stations are expected. We want to ensure that all our U.S.-based employees who are eligible, will have ample time to vote.

To our team members who have already voted, you can still remain involved in the process!

  • Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors reminding them to get out to vote.
  • Volunteer as a poll worker, or for your preferred candidate or political party. Campaigns of all affiliations are running end of cycle get-out-the-vote text and phone banking programs.
  • Assist at-risk friends and neighbors who may have challenges getting to a polling place. Ensure you’re doing so in line with your local COVID-19 safety guidelines from health officials.

America is a team. A diverse team of many beliefs, colors and creeds, hailing from every corner of the world. While voters can only cast one vote, our collective effort to encourage voter participation can have a huge impact on local communities and the nation at large.

Vote early if you still can or make a plan to get out and vote on Election Day, Tuesday November 3rd. For more resources on how to vote, visit

About the Author: 
Dom Scafidi // Digital Marketing Specialist, Axcient

As Digital Marketing Specialist for Axcient, Dom Scafidi brings his creative drive and technical savvy to oversee Axcient social media initiatives, webinar program and MSP Ignition! He’s a self proclaimed recovering campaign addict, social media obsessed, politics junky with a love for new media. When he’s not helping both Axcient and their MSP partners enhance their digital presence, this proud Chicagoland native enjoys hosting a local beer club, playing strategy games, and volunteering on campaigns.