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Reno Diagnostic Centers

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Reno Diagnostic Centers Find the Cure for Data Protection Blues in Axcient

For more than 25 years Reno Diagnostic Centers has provided patients and referring physicians with accurate, efficient and quality healthcare. With a team of board-certified, fellowship radiologists and compassionate, certified technologists, Reno Diagnostic Centers is committed to the highest standard for healthcare imaging and to providing the fastest turnaround on reports and access to view patient files online for physician offices.

To support their growing operations, a team of three IT professionals keeps the systems running and deals with special projects. Nico Aguilera, manager of IT, leads their data protection and recovery initiative.

With 22 servers running Windows and VMware and more than 4TB of data, the backup product being used at the time was not able to keep up and was showing signs of trouble. The symptoms included failed backup jobs and a lot of manual work to ensure all the data could be accessed in the event of an emergency.

“We spent a lot of time babysitting the product and it was a pain. We knew we would eventually need to get something better and finally decided to investigate more robust backup and disaster recovery solutions.”
Nico Aguilera, Reno Diagnostic Centers

Looking for Better Care

During his evaluation Aguilera looked at different solutions and narrowed his decision to Dell AppAssure, Paragon Backup and Protect, and Axcient. After doing in-depth technical reviews and demos of all the vendors, he decided that Axcient’s solution and ease-of-use was the best prescription for their needs.

“We did a demo of Axcient and everything was so easy to do, including failovers,” Aguilera said. “I no longer have to waste unnecessary amounts of time babysitting a product that should simply do its job. Axcient is great because it is such a powerful and easy-to-use solution.”

With a local appliance that protects files and applications locally, and a cloud option for off-site data protection, Reno Diagnostic Centers now has a solution that will enable the healthcare provider to quickly recover data, failover servers quickly and easily, and has an experienced, U.S.-based technical support team.

“Axcient’s technical support team is excellent. It’s great being able to work with a technical support team that is not only based in the U.S. but is also incredibly knowledgeable about their product,” Aguilera said. “Unfortunately, that’s not something you always encounter nowadays. But with Axcient, I know that whenever we need help they will respond quickly and efficiently. It’s amazing.”

Keeping IT Healthy

Aguilera and his team are well aware of the importance of testing backups and DR procedures to ensure successful recoveries. Unfortunately, the previous solution required Aguilera and his team to schedule the DR tests in advance because servers had to be taken offline and backup files had to be manually restored and verified. It took them a lot of time and required the team to work off-hours to minimize impact. But now that Aguilera can easily test the recovery of data and failover of servers with just a click as many times as he wants, he’s breathing easier.

“No one wants to get fired over failed backup that can’t be restored but the process for testing was not optimal to say the least,” Aguilera said. “Now, I can quickly and easily failover a server to the local appliance in minutes and it just works. It’s awesome! Plus, we can do tests in the middle of the day without impacting production.”

Reno Diagnostic Centers has not only upgraded their data protection solution, they have completely overhauled their disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness with a solution that gives them the ability to easily recover data, applications, and entire servers, be them physical or virtual.

“Now we have the peace of mind that if one of our servers goes down we can quickly restore or failover to Axcient and continue working,” Aguilera said. “It’s absolute peace of mind.”

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