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Roseview Group Uses Axcient for Reliable, Timely and Cost-Effective Solution

Because his real estate investment firm – Roseview Group – was working closely with large financial institutions, CIO James Costantini made a strong push in early 2011 to improve his company’s technology infrastructure. The goal was to prevent data loss, eliminate the risk of downtime and ensure the security of vital information related to the company’s real estate transactions.

His first step was to virtualize all desktop computers using Citrix XCE Enterprise, a system that provided offline virtual desktops to the entire team, including mobile staff. While this product provided back-up of the company’s data on each user’s machine, it only backed up to a server on site at Roseview’s offices. At the time Roseview’s servers were protected by an Iron Mountain’s backup system that was not sustainable.

“It was labor intensive. It didn’t offer us an instant restore, which would cause us too much downtime because we would have to completely rebuild the server. And it was costing us a lot of money – almost $2,000 a month, for cloud back up.” – James Costantini, CIO, Roseview Group

Costantini was on the lookout for solutions that would meet his back up, disaster recovery and business continuity goals without busting his budget and was about to sign up for another cloud back-up solution when his IT integrator Network Control Group (now known as NCGIT) recommended Axcient. “The solution I was considering still wasn’t perfect. It couldn’t restore or failover to the cloud, and it, too, was expensive,” he added. “Axcient’s appliance solution, combined with cloud back up, was the perfect fit for our needs. Even better, it promised to save us significant amounts of money compared to what we were initially doing with Citrix and Iron Mountain.”

A Seamless Transition

Once the Axcient solution was selected, Costantini said the deployment of the appliance and set up of the solution was fast and easy. Network Control Group installed the appliance in just one morning, and backups were quickly scheduled. “We could have spent months setting up different services, including cloud failover to Amazon,” Costantini noted. “But we were able to get up-and-running almost immediately with Axcient.”

Axcient protects about 1 TB of data for Roseview Groups, backing up the company’s servers, as well as its computers, which are supported by the Citrix XCE (NxTop) server. “With Axcient, our employees’ PCs have additional protection now, and we have the cloud layer set up for failover of our email server and file-sharing,” he said.

Axcient Delivers a Savings Account

The Axcient solution is providing savings of all sorts to Roseview Group – from costs to time to compliance. According to Costantini, Axcient cut Roseview Group’s costs by more than 66 percent, compared to what it was paying for the original desktop virtualization back up solution. “Axcient represents a huge cost savings for us. Companies were charging us a lot more, for less services. That’s why it made complete sense to move to Axcient,” he noted.

Other savings come in the form of downtime and restoration. Roseview Group has put Axcient to the test when infrastructure problems were identified and it suffered a server crash. The first time Constantini saw the Axcient solution in action was about a year after it was deployed, when there were signs that one of Roseview’s servers was about to fail. “As a preventative measure, we did an Axcient restore, and then moved everything to a new server,” he said. “The whole process took us less than two hours. Without Axcient, it would have taken us days to rebuild.”

More recently, the company suffered what could have been a catastrophic failure of its file and email server, which resulted from a bad motherboard. “Our Axcient backup appliance kicked on immediately and did an instant failover,” Costantini noted. “Axcient gave our employees uninterrupted access to emails and files in the cloud, while we waited for Dell to replace the motherboard. Without Axcient, we would have suffered at least four days of downtime.”

Axcient also helps Roseview Group with compliance, which is vital for a company that is working with larger financial institutions and must adhere to strict policies for data protection. “Encryption is crucial in our business,” Costantini noted. “We could not do cloud back up without the level of encryption offered by Axcient.”

“CIOs are always under fire to control their spending. Disaster recovery is something we must do, but we also must consider the price. Axcient was the whole package, giving us the ability to seamlessly restore and failover to the cloud, at a price that didn’t break the bank.” – James Costantini, CIO, Roseview Group

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