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Powerful Backup
and Hardware-Free BDR

Powerful Endpoint Backup & Hardware-Free BDR

Business Continuity Without the Local Appliance

Axcient’s new x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud features our best-in-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), without the need for local appliances. Direct-to-Cloud uses the same x360Recover chain-free backup technology, eliminating the need to periodically reseed. Combined with Axcient Virtual Office, Direct-to-Cloud is a full-features backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution that requires ZERO hardware to protect all of your critical endpoints and servers.

Direct-to-Cloud was built to help MSPs simplify the work of managing backups. No hardware and silent-installation with an RMM means it can be deployed without any on-site visits. With features like Axcient AirGap and AutoVerify, Direct-to-Cloud ensures you have backups you can depend on – whether disaster hits or you just need to recover that one crucial file. Simple pricing means you can backup all your critical data without worrying about costs, overages, or surprise bills.

Runs in Parallel with Existing Backups

Remember the pain of switching backup vendors? Who can forget!? Expensive hardware purchases, multiple on-site visits to deploy appliances and seed data, and risky cutover windows between the uninstall of the old, and good backups on the new…

Thankfully, the challenges of ‘rip and replace’ are a thing of the past. Axcient  designed Direct-to-Cloud to simplify the process of changing over. No hardware means you simply deploy our agent through your RMM tools silently, configure your backup schedule, and then let it do its thing. With chain-free backup, we quickly start backing up data without server reboots or deactivating your existing backup products. Once Direct-to-Cloud is up and running, easily remove other backup agents, and enjoy automatic, reboot-free upgrades from Axcient as new features deploy.

One Backup Vendor for All Customers 

Many MSPs have to engage with more than one backup vendor to satisfy two types of clients:  Cost-sensitive clients who don’t want to pay for an expensive appliance or only need simple file-level backups, or business-driven clients who won’t tolerate downtime and are willing to pay for a turn-key BDR appliance for local and cloud business continuity. Until now, there hasn’t been one vendor who can meet all these disparate client requirements, as well as the need for endpoint backup, in one solution.

Axcient Direct-to-Cloud solves this challenge. Direct-to-Cloud capabilities, combined with our appliance-based options, give MSPs one platform to cover the backup and recovery needs of all clients. Simplifying under one backup provider reduces the downtime and costs associated with vendor sprawl. With Direct-to-Cloud you just have one process for onboarding, training, support, billing, and restores.

Endpoint Backup

Protect data for remote employees and satellite offices.

No-Appliance BDR

Basic server backup to disk and cloud. Full business continuity.

Turn-Key BDR

Backup to turn-key appliance and cloud. Full business continuity.

Public Cloud Backup

Protect servers in Azure, AWS, Google with long-term retention.

Self-Managed Disaster Recovery & Virtualization

File-based backups are great for endpoints, but what do you do when a CEO spills coffee on their laptop and needs to be back up and running immediately? With Direct-to-Cloud and self-managed virtualization, you can get them fully virtualized in the cloud within minutes while a replacement laptop is ordered. Need to run disaster recovery tests? Demonstrate near-instant virtualization and minutes-long RTO (recovery time objective) using Virtual Office test mode. Validate disaster recovery effectiveness, meet compliance requirements, and provide peace of mind for your customers.

Your Last Line of Defense

Axcient Direct-to-Cloud includes Axcient AirGap to protect backups against cybersecurity threats, including human-operated ransomware attacks. Sophisticated hackers are infiltrating networks, often sitting silently for months, escalating privileges, capturing credentials, and carefully planning before initiating data encryption.

Axcient AirGap is your fail-safe solution for retrieving backup data, even after a bad actor thinks they’ve got you. Data deletion requests are kept separate from the mechanics of data deletion, so data can only be deleted by passing through our safety archive for a period of time. Additionally, Axcient AirGap utilizes “honeypots,” or fake signals to trick hackers into thinking they’ve successfully deleted data. Instead, the data is fully intact and available for near instant recovery. Axcient AirGap is fully automatic, always on, and instantly applied to all data received in the cloud.

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