eBook: The Virtualization Challenge

Protect your Systems. Protect your Sanity.

Backup and virtualization continue to top the IT priority list, with experts predicting we’ll see virtual environments reach 100% by 2020. The benefits of virtualization are clear—but there’s been one major concern: How do you ensure data protection?

There are dozens of strategies when it comes to protecting data in virtualized environments—from snapshotting to replication—but these are complex, expensive, and not altogether effective. Now there’s a proven new answer.

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  • The benefits of virtualization for data protection
  • Proven resiliency methods based on virtualization
  • How to combine virtualization and cloud technology for true DRaaS

Find out how solutions like Axcient protect virtual environments and guarantee IT resiliency. Read this eBook now to learn more.

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“If a server does crash or fails, we know that we can easily and quickly spin it up in the Axcient cloud for true business continuity, this is something we never had.” Steve Billingsley, IT manager, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors Virtualization Quote