From the always wild House of Blues party to the educational boardroom sessions, there was a lot to learn at IT Nation 2014. Read below for the top 10 things we learned at IT Nation or fill out the form to the right to download our cheat sheets to all product and promotional things happening here at Axcient.

  1. Steve Noel is The GREATEST nerdy dancer of all time – see it for yourself, re-tweet for some extra love: House of Blues.
  2. The average attendee is paying more than 2x the amount of data their clients actually need. Consider a pooled pricing structure, which will increase your margins by 30%.
  3. FACT: Due to the lobby bar being under construction, IT Nation attendees were in bed three hours earlier than in 2013.
  4. Less is more. A frequent pain point that we came across was the inability for solutions to easily scale as clients grow. Check out this short case study with ITsavvy and see how they are gaining a competitive advantage for data protection and recovery.
  5. Hotel managers failed to spell our rep Wylie’s last name correctly. According to leading event coordinators, this almost resulted in Wylie being homeless for the duration of IT Nation. #FAIL
  6. The average MSP or IT Services Provider portfolio supports more than five different verticals. Holy complexity! Consider a solution that helps you simplify the management of your clients.
  7. Booth 219, #FTW! We had more technical questions this year than in previous years! Live demos in the booth helped clarify new features and showcase the latest market trends.
  8. The cloud is increasing in attraction, causing businesses to rethink their recovery strategies. According to Gartner, through 2020, the most common use of cloud services will be a hybrid model combining on-premises and external cloud services. If you’re considering moving to a cloud, it may be helpful to check out: The 5 Myths of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery.
  9. Caricatures were all the rage! Did you stop by the Axcient booth? Tag yourself in our album: IT Nation 2014.
  10. Our “Nice Assets” T-shirt was a crowd favorite. Get yours while supplies last!

“I was looking for a solution that would protect my entire IT environment, that was easy to use, and that would allow me to run Disaster Recovery tests as often as I needed without incurring additional costs or engineer services. Axcient passed with flying colors.”

Holt Satterfield, Director of Information Technology, McCourt Global
Backup and Recovery Backup & Recovery Easily backup and restore files, folders, databases, and system images for every device in your network all through a single cloud interface.
Business Continuity Business Continuity Eliminate business interruption by failing over individual systems or a mirror of your entire office to the Axcient platform. No matter what happens, we’ll keep your business up and running.
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery Whether there’s a fire, flood or aliens invade, we’ve got all of your digital assets protected and ready to recover. Axcient will take care of your applications, systems and data so that you can take care of your business.

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