How Do You Gain IT Resilience?

Know how to build and sustain IT resilience, as a paramount step in creating a fully resilient business. Join Axcient Chief Evangelist Steve Noel for a deep dive into what it takes to gain IT resilience, and what the future holds once you do. Learn how to detect non-resilient systems in your infrastructure. How to incorporate resilience techniques not just in the IT department, but at all layers of your enterprise. And how to make a solid funding case that you can take to management, using the Key Performance and Key Risk Indicators that really matter. Think resilience is continuity? It’s not. See why.


  • How to spot current systems that are non-resilient
  • How to build resilience into every layer of the business
  • How to craft an airtight funding case that management can’t ignore


“One attractive aspect of Axcient is our new ability to perform disaster recovery testing in sandboxed environments, so there’s no interruption in our production site. We will perform these tests more frequently, as I want to ensure that our system is properly working.” Shawn Davis, Chief Information Officer, Tuba City, AZ Shawn Davis Quote