See Why DRaaS Beats Colocation for Data Protection

Without a holistic IT protection strategy, you can’t sufficiently safeguard both physical and virtual servers in the event of interruption. Which means a portion of your firm’s data may always be at risk.

Colocation and DRaaS are both viable options for ensuring complete data protection, recovery, and continuity. Though each can effectively transition workloads to a secondary location during interruption, DRaaS is often found to be the better choice — and the greater value — of the two. Read this whitepaper to learn why.



  • How to assess RTO for each secondary site option
  • What costs to take into consideration and how to model your ROI
  • Which use cases are best for each type of secondary DR site
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“Both colocation and disaster recovery as a service can be viable options for ensuring continuity of business. When properly implemented, both solutions achieve the goal of allowing workloads to be transitioned to a remote location in times of disaster. Neither solution however, is 100% superior to the other in every situation.” Brien M. Posey, Colocation vs. DRaaS: Which Is the Best Option?