The Disaster Recovery Maturity Framework

How resilient are your clients in the event of interruption? How resilient are you in having to manage a plethora of BC/DR products? Use this Disaster Recovery Maturity Framework to assess gaps in a client’s IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures. It’s your first step to helping each customer form a plan, then consolidating all clients onto the same integrated, powerfully simple BC/DR platform. Read this whitepaper. There could be easier solution management on your horizon.



  • The surprising percentage of SMBs that have no recovery plan in place, and that don’t backup daily
  • Why rapid recovery from application downtime is so very critical to a client’s business—and yours
  • How to help clients learn to bring together leaders from across the company, when making DR decisions
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“One attractive aspect of Axcient is our new ability to perform disaster recovery testing in sandboxed environments, so there’s no interruption in our production site. We will perform these tests more frequently, as I want to ensure that our system is properly working.” Shawn Davis, Chief Information Officer, Tuba City, AZ Shawn Davis Quote