Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions for MSPs

A single platform for reliable, easy-to-use Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for nearly all MSP use cases

Simplify Your Tech Stack

Protect Everything™ with Axcient x360

For too long MSPs have had to use multiple vendors for business availability. Now Axcient x360 provides the only unified platform and experience for MSPs to protect client data. The Axcient x360 portal is a single pane of glass for MSPs to manage BCDR, Cloud to Cloud Backup, and Secure Sync & Share. Axcient x360 supports SSO, MFA, and multi-tenant management to increase MSP productivity and reduce total cost of managed services (TCOMS)..

Multi-Tenant Management

Manage Axcient x360Cloud, x360Recover, and x360Sync through one portal and one login

Support and Training

Submit and see the status of all support tickets, take online training and product certifications, or schedule free instructor-led training

Automation, Reporting and Dashboards

Robust reporting and client health dashboards enable MSPs with new data-based backup insights to save time while delivering fast and dependable recovery


Access your invoices and pay your bill online from the same portal and login

Labor-Saving Chain-Free Backups

Replace Legacy Chains with Modern BCDR Innovation

Axcient’s Chain-Free backup technology eliminates the pain points associated with legacy chain-based backups – no more data loss, time wasted manually reseeding and consolidating, or unexpected storage overages.

With chain-based backups, you risk losing everything before and after any accidental deletion, hardware failure, corruption or malware attack. To recover, a whole new chain must be started with another full backup and cloud reseed. This process can take days to complete and wastes time and storage.

With Chain-Free, data is stored in a native virtualizable state with a pointer array algorithm, so each recovery point is independent. When corruption occurs, bad data blocks are isolated and independently deleted without risking the integrity of your backup dataset.

Our Chain-Free technology means there is no data bloat, eliminating the need for tiered pricing so there’s no option to upgrade or downgrade and no surprise overage fees. Most use cases get worry-free storage for a simple flat fee per device or per server, and data pooling is permitted per our Fair Use Policy. Plus, Axcient partners enjoy secure data retention to meet long-term compliance standards automatically, and near-instant recovery with always-available backups.

Comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect Client Business Data Axcient x360Recover

Axcient x360Recover is the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution designed exclusively for MSPs and their SMB clients. With unmatched choice and flexibility, MSPs can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 50% by using just one solution for multiple use cases. Use an Axcient appliance or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and use the Axcient Cloud or Bring Your Own Datacenter (BYOD and BYOC). Regardless of its deployment, x360Recover delivers uninterrupted business continuity with fast and reliable recovery.

Deployment Options

Use x360Recover for traditional appliance-based BCDR; x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) for cloud-based BCDR; or x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure for public or private cloud BCDR. See our deployment guide.

Accelerate Recovery

Always meet your recovery time objective (RTO) – regardless of internet speed and data size – with the Axcient Local Cache built-in acceleration layer for x360Recover D2C. All you need is a USB or NAS device.

Defy Ransomware

Axcient AirGap ensures near-instant recovery from malicious cyberattacks or accidental data deletion with anti-ransomware and data loss technology that separates data deletion requests from deletion mechanics.


Maximize productivity and profitability with always-on automatic features: Chain-Free backups, Local Cache, AirGap, AutoVerify (backup integrity tests), and Virtual Office (self-managed DR and DR testing).

Backup Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Protect Cloud Applications with Axcient x360Cloud

Axcient x360Cloud provides MSPs and their clients the most reliable and complete backup and restore for Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. Did you know? Microsoft does not guarantee against data loss. Data can still be lost in the cloud due to accidental deletion, a malicious employee, or ransomware – yes, even Microsoft 365 can be crypto-locked. x360Cloud backs up all Microsoft 365 services with flat fee storage per our Fair Use Policy.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Backup Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint data


Fast, full-text search of more than 100 million objects in less than 5 seconds, for a single-click restore

Point-in-Time Restore

Restore the document version you want to the time you want

Google Workspace Backup

Backup Google Workspace data, including Shared Drives

Exceptionally Secure Sync & Share

Protect Employee Files with Axcient x360Sync

Axcient x360Sync provides secure file sync and share (FSS) with always-on backup. Collaboration through file sync & share is critical for employee productivity, but without backup – data is always at risk. Make sure your clients can collaborate securely and endpoints are always protected from ransomware. x360Sync is built for MSPs with multi-tenant management and is fully brandable.

Secure File Sync & Share

Securely access files or share links from your desktop or device without VPNs, preview and edit files using Microsoft 365, and ensure HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance

Endpoint Backup

Always-on backup for all your PC and Mac endpoints with secure long-term retention and pooled storage per our Fair Use Policy.

Ransomware Recovery

Axcient Snapshot for point-in-time restore in the case of ransomware or accidental deletion

File Server Enablement

Cloud file server access for distributed workforces, and employees can keep their network share drives

Trusted by MSPs

Reliable, Secure, and Easy-to-Use

We’re 100% focused on the needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Axcient’s powerful backup and disaster recovery solutions protect your clients and enable you to standardize on reliable, affordable technology that helps you to build a profitable business.

The relationship that we have with Axcient is something that we value tremendously. Axcient values the relationship we have with them and takes the time to address our concerns. It’s definitely a team effort and behind that team is just great people.

-Robert Cioffi

There have been many times where Axcient has quite literally saved the bacon of these businesses and you wonder if they would still be in business today if we didn’t have Axcient.

-Mark Jamieson

Axcient is extremely accessible when it comes to tech support. They’re incredibly agile when it comes to solving issues that need quick solutions, which is incredibly important especially in the legal field.

-Kevin Dunn

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