Axcient Case Studies

Recovering Deleted Data with AirGap
Two weeks after a client told XFER to delete their data, the client needed it back. XFER was able to deliver using Axcient AirGap.
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MSP Upgrades from N-able to Axcient for Better BDR at the Same Price
Fed up with complex billing and poor support, Osprey I.T. Consulting moves to x360Recover for reinforced data protection, automation, and cloud BCDR.
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Outgrowing the Costs and Complexities of Legacy BDR
Unhappy with the limitations of Arcserve (formerly StorageCraft), XFER standardizes on the unified x360 Platform for consolidated simplicity.
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Tampa Bay Tech Increases MRR After Leaving Datto
Tampa Bay Tech Solutions repurposed Datto appliances for a smooth transition to x360Recover and saves thousands of dollars each month.
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Enterprise Data Concepts MSP Keeps Business Running After Natural Disaster Destruction
Enterprise Data Concepts delivers disaster recovery and business continuity after disasters and lowers insurance premiums with x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud.
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Revolution Group Boosts Margins 10% After Consolidating BDR
A case study showing how MSP Revolution group increased security and saw better profits and less training time by consolidating with Axcient.
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Symmetric IT Group Increases Margins with All-in-One BCDR Solution
Symmetric IT Group has relied on x360Recover for BCDR and recently started using the hardware-free deployment option, Direct-to-Cloud (D2C), for cloud-based backup in the Axcient Cloud. George praises D2C as
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Cygnus Systems Saves $12,000 Over Datto Every Month with Axcient
With Axcient's all-in-one BCDR solution, Cygnus Systems solves multiple use cases with one solution to reduce overall costs by 50% every month.
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CTS Picks Axcient Over Datto
Axcient offers stack simplicity: Moving from Datto to Axcient for BCDR and cloud application backup expands CTS services and lowers monthly vendor costs.
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Growing MSP Backup Profit Margins
MSPs Alvarez Technology Group and LANAIR Technology Group achieve operational efficiency by standardizing on the Axcient x360 platform.
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Consolidating with Axcient Contributes to MSP Tripling in Size
Standardization is paramount to everything NSR Business Solutions does. Without it, they can’t offer the level of service that their clients expect, and if they didn’t do it, they wouldn’t
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MSP Progressive Computing Restores 100% of Data Following Kaseya Attack
Standardizing on Axcient x360Recover enables rapid recovery after ransomware encrypts an MSP and all of their clients.
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Hear What Our Partners Said About Axcient

Current partners give testimonials on the benefits they’ve experienced since partnering with Axcient, how their margins have increased, and why they would refer Axcient to other MSPs.

Robert Cioffi, COO & Co-Founder of Progressive Computing talks about his experience using x360Recover to recover from a ransomware attack and the importance of AirGap technology. He also covers why he trusts Axcient’s ability to Protect Everything and the value of a partnership with Axcient.
Jason Holbrook, CEO of Empower Information Systems discusses the benefits of partnering with Axcient including utilizing a single platform, reduced labor costs, and increased margins. He also talks about the data security and data recovery of X360Recover at an unbeatable price.
Mason Feuhrer, Special Operations at Ergos discusses the benefits of x360Recover chain- free technology and local cache. He describes a trustworthy backup solution that’s useful for many different client groups, and why he would recommend Axcient to other MSP peers.
Chris Almalfi, COO of Ergos talks about the features and benefits of both x360Recover appliance-based and direct-to-cloud options and how to choose the best option for each client.