Enable Productivity with Cloud File Services

    Cloud File Services for Business Enablement

    Cloud-enabled file services eliminate the issues of traditional file share servers with access anywhere collaboration in the cloud. Migrating on-premises file share servers to the cloud means employees have unobstructed access to shared data on any device. There are no more VPNs, no required software, and no long processes to access files and documents. Just easy and encrypted sync and share capabilities that drive productivity and collaboration across teams.

    Exceptionally Secure File Sync and Share (FSS)

    Axcient x360Sync was created to give MSPs and their clients functionality, flexibility, and security for maximum productivity with cloud file services. In addition to anytime data access from any device, businesses are protected with compliant, best-in-class BDR for endpoint devices (including PCs and Macs) and cloud files.

    Built-in, always-on FSS features include:

    • Axcient Snapshot for point-in-time restores from ransomware or accidental data deletion
    • Team Shares with Secure Share file and folder locking, Microsoft 365 online document editing, Outlook add-in, and native mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Axcient Thin Client to conserve local storage while providing data access with or without a network connection.
    • File server enablement to sync on-premises file servers to the cloud while preserving employee network share drives
    • Pooled storage (per our Fair Use Policy) and secure retention with trim, purge and backup retention
    • In-motion and at-rest data encryption, remote wipe, in-depth auditing, proactive alerting and activity logs, policies for password changes, and MFA enforcement
    • Axcient is SOC 2 certified, and can help partners be HIPAA and GDPR-compliant

    Choice and Flexibility

    With Axcient’s cloud file services, businesses can choose to synchronize or completely migrate file servers to the cloud. Both approaches allow managed service providers (MSPs) to reduce the number of on-premises file share servers for their clients, regardless of their environment. Without expensive hardware, on-site maintenance visits, support costs, and overall device management, MSPs can lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) and pass those savings onto clients.

    While on-premises performance is still needed, Axcient can support a hybrid approach instead of complete file server migration. Hybrid environments let businesses maintain an on-premises file server and synchronize files to the cloud. Many organizations prefer a hybrid approach when working with large files or low network bandwidth.

    Legacy File Servers Threaten Security

    Once a mainstay for data resource sharing, the traditional file server is now a barrier to collaboration and productivity and a target for hackers. Everything necessary to operate in today’s remote environments and dispersed workforces is limited by legacy file servers.

    In an effort to ensure security, traditional file server access is often restricted to on-premises connections or problematic virtual private networks (VPNs). These restrictions unnecessarily burden employees by requiring time-consuming processes to access files and documents. Employees get frustrated and bypass the restrictions. Instead of saving to the encrypted shared drive, they store data in private folders and on their desktop, where it’s much easier for them to access. Now, data security is limited to a simple network password, and locally stored files and documents are not available on shared drives. Productivity, security, and accessibility are all diminished with legacy file servers.

    Don’t Be Fooled by Free

    Work from anywhere (WFA), remote work, and hybrid environments have increased the adoption of cloud file services like file sync and share (FSS) solutions — but they are not all created equal. Managed service providers (MSPs) need to educate clients on the limitations and risks of free solutions that cannot meet the needs of businesses. They can be appealing with a zero-dollar price tag, but these tools are designed for at-home users, not the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) MSPs protect.

    Today’s cybersecurity landscape demands business-grade sync and share solutions. Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) must be central to data sharing to ensure business continuity and survival after a cyber incident. Data availability and collaboration are necessary for business growth, but negating the security demands of those functions could be fatal. This is especially important for highly regulated industries that cannot meet HIPAA and GDPR compliance standards with free sync and share products.

    Testimonial quotation icon

    “We’re utilizing x360Sync in ways that maybe people aren’t thinking about. Having a file sync and share (FSS) product that is more than just file secure makes it really attractive to clients. The fact that it is compliant is another big thing to focus on because it’s absolutely necessary for those clients.”


    President at TSG Networks

    Flat Fee Pooled Storage and Secure Retention via Chain-Free Backup

    x360Sync utilizes the industry’s only chain-free, image-based backup technology. Axcient created Chain-Free backup technology so that each recovery point is independent, verifiable, and bootable for more efficient storage, greater reliability, and most importantly, faster recovery.

    Unlike legacy chain-based recovery, Axcient’s chain-free backup isolates bad data blocks if corruption or malware occurs. As a result, those data blocks can be independently deleted without risking data integrity, while previous backups are recovered almost instantly, and new incremental backups start immediately. As a result, Axcient Partners avoid the stress of consolidation or multi-year retention limitations.

    Plus, Axcient’s chain-free BDR technology eliminates data bloat and enables secure retention with

    • 30% greater storage efficiency and affordability compared to chain-based backup
    • No need to perform time-consuming reseeding
    • No annual data migration and additional storage
    • No loss of granularity in point-in-time backups and restores
    • Near-instant recovery without the complexity of starting new chains
    • Data pooling is permitted per our Fair Use Policy

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