Fast and Up to Date

Industry-leading low Recovery Point Objectives and best in class Recovery Time Objectives get you up and running with current data in minutes.

Safe and Secure

Redundant storage protected with multi-layer military-grade encryption.

Here and There

Mirror server and workstation disk images to the cloud and to an on-premise appliance.

Unparalleled Business Continuity Management Services

Business continuity management and consulting are transforming the landscape of many enterprises across the world, as they grow into a dynamic niche of its own. It comes as no surprise as more SMBs and entrepreneurs are shifting and making their moves into the digital landscape. To close more clients and stay ahead of the competition, one has to utilize a technology of certain sophistication. This involves having the knowledge and mastery of processes that have been tested and proven as successful, which necessitates the support for implementing unparalleled Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plans.

Axcient empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a multilayered suite of BC/DR technologies – all accessible through a single platform. With this, you gain the full capacity to protect and recover your clients’ data and digital assets with confidence, agility, and simplicity.

Our flagship products, Replibit and BRC, are enterprise-class solutions developed and designed to ensure the unparalleled operations and round-the-clock availability of your clients’ applications and IT infrastructure. No respectable operations management will want to risk exposure with preexisting, but fallible continuity plans. Having the speed and flexibility to respond in the event of a system crash, power outage, or even a natural disaster is an invaluable asset to any company relying on technology.

Imagine owning the capacity to affirm your clients that their businesses are fully protected, and no disruption can ever touch their daily operations. Allowing your clients to focus on improving their products and services without any worry of data loss is the impact of an effective business continuity management software.

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Business Continuity

Axcient developed Replibit and BRC business continuity software to enable SMBs to focus on their business instead of worrying about their data or business availability. Axcient partners with MSPs to deliver a business-class business continuity experience.



Axcient Business Continuity


Axcient is unique in providing our partners the greatest choice and flexibility. MSPs and their SMB clients can BYOD and BYOC. BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” means Axcient partners can build or repurpose their own hardware for use as a local BDR appliance or purchase a turn-key hardware and software bundle from Axcient. Partners can purchase hardware outright or enroll in the Axcient hardware leasing program. BYOC or “Bring Your Own Cloud” means Axcient partners can use the Axcient Cloud or provide their own cloud through their own data center or do both to retain multiple offsite copies of critical data.

This choice and flexibility gives partners the ability to design the best service for their clients to support optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and client Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Depending on SMB client requirements and industry specific use cases, this level of choice and flexibility can be critical for effective data protection.


Secruity Scorecard


Axcient works exclusively with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) so SMBs get the best service. MSPs provide a high touch managed service backed by a comprehensive SLA so SMBs don’t have to worry about IT or their data but can focus on their core business.

Axcient provides our MSP partner network the best software solutions and support. That support includes our Business Availability Portal for management of all Axcient products, billing, support tickets, and marketing information. In addition, Axcient works closely with our partners on product roadmap development and training, product support, and sales and marketing assistance.

Our support SLA is 24/7/365 with a less than 60-minute response time for critical issues. Our support organization works closely with product engineering to ensure fast response and resolution times. By providing MSPs the best partner experience, that in turn means SMBs get the data protection they need without the additional overhead or worry.

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Understanding the Business Continuity Management Framework

Like any other type of business models and processes, Business Continuity Management (BCM) is structured on a framework, and this enables an organization to execute and implement the necessary strategies that apply to their business and its operations. There are several layers to a BCM Framework, but essentially, this outline is a progressive plan that covers all the bases of an organization’s processes.


Business Impact and Assessment can be perceived as a cataloging process that intends to narrow down the acceptable amount of data that an organization can lose in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, system crash, or cyber-attack. This phase includes determining the data in-store, its location, the process involved in mining, and its accessibility. Knowing these is crucial in identifying which of these digital assets have to be taken care of the most, thus allowing the organization or the point-of-contact an accurate figure of allowable data loss.


Validation and Testing are the processes required of an enterprise so they can zero in on the significance of the proposed solutions, which then serve to mitigate the impact of possible risks to business continuity. It is necessary for an organization to constantly have an overview of the potential threats. And the varying levels of damage that these risks carry have to be measured and tested, respectively, and the outlined plans to mitigate these also have to be evaluated for an organization to know they can be implemented.


Disaster Recovery is the deployment of personnel and solutions when an incident has taken place. While business continuity covers all the bases, such as leading operations and establishing policies, DR is the answer to the issues that the BC failed to anticipate or control.

Axcient is Your BC/DR Solution

Heavy data loss kills businesses. Take, for instance, how 60 percent of SMBs find their selves closing shop within six months after an attack. And we understand how important a few lost hours due to downtime can be to an enterprise, whether it’s for the short- or long-term, as the slightest hiccup can turn off even the most loyal of clients and consumers. Your credibility and reputation as a brand can easily disintegrate when your systems, servers, or applications encounter frequent downtime – and before you notice it, client retention has already started to dwindle. Word-of-mouth reviews and negative social media posts can spread like wildfire, and allowing these risks to exist will only cost you more in the long run – that is if you survive.

This is where our business continuity management consulting services excel the most: to either put out those fires before it ravages your system, or entirely prevent the match from even lighting up.

Business continuity management is all about cementing your operations; from data protection to ensuring the integrity of your products and services. It preserves an organization and its culture by cultivating its strength, so that when catastrophe strikes, there are no losses substantial enough to bring it down.

We installed Axcient’s Business Continuity solution Replibit and our engineers went, ‘Wow, this is magical! This is awesome. This is amazing. It does all of these wonderful things: virtualization, off-site replication, and it’s easy to work with.’ They were very impressed with the technology as well as the support.

– Keith Keller, COO at ACCi