Direct-to-Cloud for Microsoft Azure is Here!

Protect data in the Azure public cloud

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure

With Axcient x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) for Microsoft Azure, MSPs can protect and recover their client’s Azure data and ensure true business continuity with a single solution.

Built on the same best-in-class proprietary Chain-Free backup technology as our other products, and with full virtualization and virtual machine (VM) export for immediate failback, MSPs can Protect Everything™ running in Azure with x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure.

Securing Data in the Public Cloud

More small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and MSPs choose to host their infrastructure and applications in the public cloud to reduce costs and complexity. Nearly a quarter are choosing Microsoft Azure as the foundation. Unfortunately, similar to Microsoft 365, Microsoft does not have SLAs surrounding the actual data stored within their services. That means MSPs are responsible for protecting their clients’ workloads and data within Azure.

x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud for Microsoft Azure fully virtualizes Azure backups, leveraging the automation of Axcient’s Virtual Office and customizable Runbooks for exceptional ease of use.

The solution unifies client protection across on-premises and Azure workloads, and provides a flat per-device fee that includes unlimited storage and retention, and provides a third-party cloud where full Disaster Recovery (DR) testing and live VMs can be virtualized in minutes with near-instant RTO for DR.

With these capabilities, MSPs ensure data protection and recovery of client data in the public cloud. MSPs get a comprehensive solution for data protection that frees them from the risks of relying solely on Microsoft backup, along with low management overhead and simplified pricing to ensure profitability.

Avoid the Risk of Complete Downtime by Separating Backups

It can be tempting to use another native Microsoft service for backing up Azure cloud environments, but with native Azure Backup service, your backups and the production infrastructure live in Azure. In the event of an Azure incident, outage, or cyberattack, it’s possible that both the production infrastructure and your backups will be unavailable.

Having your client’s Azure data in a separate location could mean the difference between your clients staying in business or losing their livelihood. 

Additionally, file restores from native Azure backups are more complicated and require extra services for disaster recovery and testing. It’s not an all-in-one solution, so you need Azure Backup for backups and Azure Site Recovery for business continuity. Not only does this add complexity to your stack, but it increases management resources and overall costs.

Data backup process

Key Capabilities

Axcient’s x360Recover BCDR solution has always provided support for backing up Azure VMs – and now we are extending that capability. Deployed through Axcient’s hardware-free agent, x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure fully supports Windows Servers and Desktops running in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. MSPs get D2C’s built-in, advanced recovery features for virtualization and disaster recovery testing with Virtual Office and Runbooks, plus Azure virtual disk format for fast failback, all with the lowest available TCO.

The key features of x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud with Microsoft Azure include:

  • Direct-to-Cloud backup of Azure VMs to the Axcient cloud
  • Near-instant RTO, and up to a 15-minute backup schedule RPO
  • Unlimited storage and retention: Flat cost per server and no bundling of inflated egress fees
  • Chain-free backups that reduce management complexity, and increase security and reliability
  • Built-in AirGap anti-ransomware security technology, and automated backup testing
  • Unified protection with a single platform for on-premises and Azure workloads, including the same agent and deployment processes
  • Consistent, simplified pricing with no overage surprises
  • Ability to export any recovery point to Azure format VHD (up to 32 TiB per disk)
  • Use FTPS protocol to download VHDs at high speed
  • Use Azure tools to upload VHD to create native Azure VM

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x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure Competitor’s Azure Backup
Unlimited cloud storage capacity Limited to VMs less than 1TB
Unlimited cloud retention
Limited, often to 1 year
RPO as low as 15 minutes RPO of 1 hour or more
Flat cost per server with no inflation of fees by bundling of egress costs Widely variable costs, 4X to 28X more and bundled egress fees
Single solution and GUI for backup and business continuity Separate solutions for backup and business continuity
Built-in AirGap and backup testing Extra cost for cross-account protection
Axcient can also protect any size VMs Typically limited to 1TB VMs or less
Ensures disaster recovery in a third-party cloud May leverage Azure storage
No bundling of egress fees, you pay only what you owe Inflated egress fees bundled in, and 2-4X monthly cost

One Direct-to-Cloud Solution for Multiple Use Cases

With a simple, straightforward setup you will be backing up Azure within 5 to 15 minutes – no rip and replace required. X360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure efficiently protects on-premises applications with Azure workloads using exactly the same backup agent and deployment methods for both. Plus, silent installation lets you run the Axcient agent alongside your legacy solution until you are ready to turn it off, without any ‘rip and replace’ headaches.

Runs in Parallel with Existing Backups

Remember the pain of switching backup vendors? Multiple on-site visits, and risky cutover windows between uninstalling the old and new backups…

Thankfully, the challenges of ‘rip and replace’ are a thing of the past. Axcient designed x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud and its Microsoft Azure business continuity and disaster recovery capability to simplify the process of consolidating on a single platform

No hardware means you simply deploy our agent through your RMM tools silently, configure your Azure backup schedule, and then let it do its thing. With Chain-Free backup, we quickly start backing up data without server reboots or deactivating your existing backup products. Once x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure is up and running, easily remove other backup agents, and enjoy automatic, reboot-free upgrades from Axcient as new features deploy.

No More BCDR Vendor Sprawl: Choose Axcient x360 for All Use Cases

Direct-to-Cloud capabilities, combined with our appliance-based options, give MSPs one platform to Protect Everything™. Simplifying under one provider reduces downtime, costs, and stress, while significantly increasing margins. Avoid the consequences of vendor sprawl with the one solution that meets all your client’s needs.

Standardizing on the x360 Portal gives you x360Recover for appliance-based BCDR, x360Recover D2C for hardware-free BCDR, and x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure. With just one portal and process for onboarding, training, support, billing, and restores, your team can work quickly, more efficiently, and with a deeper understanding of the product. So stop wasting time, money, and resources managing vendors, and start streamlining operations with a BCDR vendor dedicated to MSP growth.

Endpoint Backup

Protect data for remote employees and satellite offices.

No-Appliance BDR

Basic server backup to disk and cloud. Full business continuity.


Turn-Key BDR

Backup to turn-key appliance and cloud. Full business continuity.


Public/Private Cloud Backup

Protect servers in Azure, AWS, Google with long-term retention.

Your Last Line of Defense vs Ransomware

x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure serves as an MSP’s last line of defense against ransomware and security breaches. Equipped with critical features for a multi-layer security approach, x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure boasts Chain-Free backup, AutoVerify, and AirGap technology to protect against accidental or malicious backup deletion. Axcient also protects larger VMs over 1TB and includes backup testing, virtualization, and Runbooks through Virtual Office.

These built-in, always-on features come standard with x360Recover, making it the most cost-effective ransomware protection solution for MSPs and their SMB clients. As a 100% MSP-only solutions provider, Axcient’s mission is to Keep Business Running. To do so, we include these robust protections in our products, so business continuity is never out of reach for any business.

Air Gap

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x360Recover D2C for Microsoft Azure takes full advantage of the economic promise of the cloud and offers complete business continuity at up to half off what you pay for competitor’s backup alone. The process is as simple as our D2C deployment: just download the D2C agent. The straightforward setup will have you backing up right away – in just minutes.

No rip and replace required. Just run the Axcient agent alongside and parallel to your legacy solution until you are ready to turn it off.

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