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Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

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Steve Billingsley has been with Bartlett Cocke General Contractors for two years as an IT manager. Working with a team of four IT professionals, Billingsley’s key responsibility is to ensure the company’s IT infrastructure is always up and available. His IT environment is 100% virtualized, consisting of 20 VMware virtual machines with 15 TB of data. By turning to Axcient’s Business Recovery Cloud, Billingsley was able replace his legacy solution with a single solution for backup, replication, deduplication, disaster recovery and business continuity and reduced his total cost of ownership.

Goodbye Tape Backup

It’s important for Billingsley to ensure employees have access to their data and applications at all times. With a recovery time objective of 60 minutes and a recovery point objective of two hours, it’s critical that his backup solution can meet these requirements. Initially, Billingsley was using a legacy software solution to backup data to tape. These tapes were stored in a duffel bag and archived for as long as 12 months – this became Bartlett Cocke General Contractors’ offsite or disaster recovery strategy. As their data and applications grew, Billingsley started to realize that this system was not structured to support them any longer.

“With our previous backup vendor we were only backing up critical servers because that is all our system with that vendor would allow us to do,” said Billingsley. “On top of that, it wasn’t meeting our backup windows. In a situation where we had to recover a server, it took us nearly seven hours. This setup was very time consuming, unreliable and the solution itself was expensive and incomplete. We needed a change.”

Knowing that their backup to tape product failed to provide a real disaster recovery solution for true business continuity, Billingsley looked into another vendor. After assessing this solution he realized that it would also not suffice, it failed to meet his requirements because it only provided local protection and had a very expensive licensing model.

Axcient Business Recovery Cloud

Initially, Billingsley was only searching for a backup solution. When he came across Axcient, he realized that he could have backup and disaster recovery, both from one vendor on one platform.

“I was initially looking for a backup solution, but I realized that Axcient’s Business Recovery Cloud provided backup and disaster recovery at a cost competitive with that of other vendors’ backup products,” said Billingsley. “After I calculated our total cost of ownership, Axcient proved to be the most cost effective and robust solution out there.”

Axcient’s Business Recovery Cloud provides backup, replication, archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity with a single consolidated platform. “I have confidence in my solution now, and I trust that it can protect us from any IT disaster,” said Billingsley. “We’ve already done a few failover tests in a sandboxed environment to ensure that we are well prepared and that has gone very well.”

Quick and Easy Implementation and Onboarding

“The onboarding experience was fantastic,” said Billingsley. “This was the best onboarding process from any IT vendor I have ever worked with. It was perfectly paced and the support team was very professional and very helpful.” Bartlett Cocke General Contractors was up and protected in no time with Axcient. With an agentless solution, Axcient’s Business Recovery Cloud is implemented in less than an hour.

With unlimited disaster recovery testing at no additional costs, Billingsley saw huge benefits. “We now have real protection offsite with Axcient,” said Billingsley. “If a server does crash or fails, we know that we can easily and quickly spin it up in the Axcient cloud for true business continuity, this is something we never had.”

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