Oscillas Technologies, Inc. Discovers Simple Office 365 Protection with x360Cloud

Oscillas Technologies, Inc., a managed service provider (MSP) out of Chicago, Illinois, became an Axcient partner after discovering the necessity of Office 365 data protection. During a chance conversation between Oscillas’ CEO, CJ Black and Axcient’s Digital Marketing Specialist – who just happen to be old friends and college classmates – Oscillas learned what many MSPs still don’t realize.

Take an inside look at x360Cloud from the MSP perspective. Understand why x360Cloud protections are so critical to your business and see just how easy the solution is to implement. How are you protecting your client’s Office 365 data?

How did you first hear about x360Cloud?

When my friend took up his position at Axcient he explained what the company did and the solutions  provided. As he talked about the x360Cloud product I was confused, “Wait, why would you need to back up Office 365?” He quickly debunked my incorrect assumption that Office 365 came equipped with data retention and protection. Learning the truth about Microsoft’s limitations led Oscillas to begin our Axcient partnership by integrating x360Cloud for our own emails and document protection.

What was your reaction to finding out Microsoft only retains deleted data for 14 days?

I had no idea Microsoft had such a limited retention period – or a retention restriction at all. It was quite a shock for me to learn. We quickly responded by exploring the solutions landscape to determine possible remedies to Microsoft’s shortcoming. We knew we needed to protect ourselves and our clients in short order. We’d discovered quite a blind spot in this regard and it caused us to perform a comprehensive review of our integral systems for other similar false assumptions.

What made you decide to invest in x360Cloud and the Axcient partnership? What key features interested you most?

x360Cloud makes the most sense to our MSP for several reasons. First, we value ease-of-integration and intuitive workflow quite highly, and x360Cloud squarely hits both of those points. It’s very important that we onboard clients quickly, accurately, and in a way that scales without friction. Administering services for our clients’ needs to be as straightforward and seamless as possible. During the x360Cloud trial for our own organization it became apparent that Axcient has the same priorities we do.

Second, unlimited data retention and full point-in-time backups are very important to us. In my experience, both supporting users and as a user myself, I know how often we accidentally delete something, lose a file, or it becomes corrupted without our knowledge. Being able to go back to any point-in-time and retrieve a specific file, in its exact state, on any given day, is extremely powerful.

Third, in the spirit of hoping for the best and planning for the worst, we must have the ability to completely restore a client’s environment to a specific point-in-time in the event of a true disaster. Ransomware, malware, whatever the cause, we want to guarantee our client’s back-up and restore is running as quickly and accurately as possible. With x360Cloud we can do that in a matter of minutes, if not less. This feature was a very important part of our decision to go with Axcient over competitors.

How would you describe your x360Cloud onboarding experience with Axcient?

Extremely easy. I even missed my initial onboarding call and was still able to get my organization integrated with Axcient in under eight minutes. Seriously. As someone who counts myself lucky if I tie my own shoes right the first time, I cannot overstate just how straightforward this tool is. If I was able to get us up and running with no guidance, while my coffee cooled nonetheless, anyone can.

Once I was up and running, and had rescheduled my onboarding call, the team at Axcient helped me understand the platform’s core functions in a manner that was tailored to our specific use cases and needs. They’re incredibly patient, attentive and have no trouble answering my questions.

Have you had to recover data for a client yet using x360Cloud?

I’ve had recover data for myself! Here’s what happened… I create tutorials and walkthroughs for our clients, and one day I somehow made almost every video in our Creative Team SharePoint unplayable. Rather than trying to figure out exactly what I did wrong, and then working to reverse the mistake – something that surely would’ve taken hours – I just restored the videos from their last known good state. With x360Cloud it was that simple. The savings we gained on productivity that day alone, justified our own investment in x360Cloud for the year at least.

If you’re as shocked as CJ was to discover the limited retention period offered by Microsoft, then give x360Cloud a try. With our free trial (no credit card or obligation required), you can see x360Cloud in action to determine if it’s right for you and your clients. Sign up here to experience the simple, safe and unlimited protection available with Axcient’s x360Cloud.

About the Author: 
CJ Black // CEO, Oscillas

As the President and CEO of Oscillas, CJ works closely with his clients to understand their business processes so that he and his team can effectively and efficiently apply unique and industry-leading technological solutions. He prides himself on his ability to quickly and accurately identify areas of need, design solutions, and deliver on client goals. When he’s not helping his clients, CJ enjoys long runs on the beach and learning new programming languages.