Partner Success Story

Business Information Solutions (BIS) adds x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud to their stack for endpoint protection

BIS consolidated with Axcient for chain-free backups for nearly all BDR use cases.
Balancing backup management, the remote workforce, and operational efficiency meant moving many clients to x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud. With this move, Business Information Solutions (BIS) is protecting remote workers and increasing margins with hardware-free backup that meets all their SMB needs:

"Remote workers were the driving force for x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud. People have data literally all over the place in today’s environment. We’re trying to contain that. Being able to back up a whole laptop or desktop for remote users means that in a worst-case scenario, we have the entirety of their data no matter where they are. Users can connect and work pretty much the same way they’ve been working - no matter what." - Philip Long, CEO of BIS.

Download the full case study to learn how BIS is growing profits, signing new clients, earning a 64% margin on backup, and has decreased support tickets by 50% with Axcient.
The Problem
    • Remote endpoints make it harder to ensure backup integrity and restore data instantly.
    • Single source data and backup storage is a security risk in the event of a cyber-attack.
    • Vendor sprawl costs MSPs time, money, and resources, while reducing client support.


    The Solution
      • Chain-free, hardware-free, image-based backup solutions designed to enable remote users and prevent downtime.
      • SaaS application backup with unlimited storage and retention provides assurance that data is protected and eliminates the risk of a single point of failure.
      • Standardization allows techs and support team to become solution experts for quick, high-quality service.


      The Results
        • Grew profits by saving significant time, resources, and costs with all-in-one backup solution.
        • Gained new clients with unique BDR and data security features the competition can’t offer.
        • Achieved over a 60% margin on backup solutions and reduced ticket counts by 50%.


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