Partner Success Story

Simplifying Vendors Provides MSP-Wide Benefits from Security to Profitability for LANAIR Group

Reducing their vendor stack from 25 to just 3 provided operational efficiency and profits.
LANAIR evaluated all of their vendors and chose Axcient to standardize on. From a profitability perspective, Axcient’s multi-tenant x360 Platform lets LANAIR redirect the effort spent managing vendors toward business growth and adding value for clients. From a security perspective, Neil was attracted to Axcient’s approach to data protection as security. He says, “You don’t see a lot of vendors pulling data protection and security together."
The Problem
    • Vendor sprawl prevents MSPs from reaching profitability.
    • Legacy backup tools require vendor support for break fixes and recovery.
    • Employee onboarding with multiple vendors is expensive, time-consuming, and distracting.
    The Solution
      • Fewer vendors allow MSPs to focus on high-value projects rather than vendor management.
      • Business continuity solutions include automated features to reduce dependence on vendors.
      • Standardize on one vendor to improve efficiency and build a deeper knowledge base internally.
      The Results
        • Achieved profitability and reducing backup vendors by more than 80%.
        • Reduced support tickets and incoming alerts by almost 50% with self-fixing capabilities.
        • Cut employee onboarding time by four days – from 14 days down to 10.

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