Hey MSPs – Build Up Your Social Presence!

The life of an MSP CEO is one of wearing multiple hats to ensure the business runs well. Sometimes, this overload of responsibility can cause important activities like sales and marketing to fall by the wayside. In 2020, there are no shortage of free tools and techniques that can help you overcome these challenges and easily amp up your social media presence. Today, I’d like to offer just 3 tips that you can roll out to build up your MSPs’ presence on social media.

1. Link your social profile to your MSPs website and employee email signatures

Your website is like the front door of your business to the world – if your social media handles aren’t linked to that front door how are your customers supposed to engage with you across social? Start by linking your existing social media profiles to your website. On most websites, you can find social handles linked on the top or bottom of all pages. Commonly used website management tools like WordPress and Square Space offer easy pre-built social icons that you can add to your website by simply copying and pasting the link to the respective social profile. If you’re not using a website management tool and have outsourced your website to an external web team, shoot them an email asking to add social profiles to your website. Don’t forget to add social icons to all your employees’ email signatures. Businesses send and receive hundreds of emails per day, this is a great way to increase visibility and traffic to your social media profiles.

2. Create postable content with free tools like Adobe Spark or Canva

Now that you’ve linked your social profiles to your website and employees’ email signatures it’s time to start posting quality content! Creating content can be a time-consuming activity, but free tools like Adobe Spark and Canva offer premade templates that you can customize to your brand with just a couple clicks. Both of these free online tools can help you create content without investing a ton of time in the creative process.

3. Sign up for a free social post schedule tool like Hootsuite

You’ve created tons of great content to promote an upcoming webinar with a vendor, but you’re overwhelmed with posting this content to all your social profiles. How do I post this? When is the right or best time to post? Luckily, there are tools out there to alleviate this pain. Free tools like Hootsuite offer post scheduling on up to 3 platforms with 30 posts per month. Tools like this are a great way to get started with posting and creating a posting cadence on your social profiles.

MSPs are masters of the technological world! Bring that same technological prowess to social media and you’ll be able to lean on apps and other free tools to build a robust social presence. I hope you found these tips helpful!

About the Author: 
Dom Scafidi // Digital Marketing Specialist, Axcient

As Digital Marketing Specialist for Axcient, Dom Scafidi brings his creative drive and technical savvy to oversee Axcient social media initiatives, webinar program and MSP Ignition! He’s a self proclaimed recovering campaign addict, social media obsessed, politics junky with a love for new media. When he’s not helping both Axcient and their MSP partners enhance their digital presence, this proud Chicagoland native enjoys hosting a local beer club, playing strategy games, and volunteering on campaigns.