Axcient x360Sync Secure Share Blog
Breaking Down the Secure Share Functionality of x360Sync
Read about how you can help clients securely send and receive sensitive files and folders, and make it goof-proof.
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MSP Mental Health and Tools to Cope Axcient Blog
MSP Mental Health: The Toll of Cybersecurity and Tools to Cope
Straight talk about the toll that cybersecurity work takes on MSPs mental health, and tools to feel better.
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Fight the Phish for MSPs
Fight the Phish! 6 MSP-Friendly Resources to Combat Phishing Attacks
Today's phishing scams are subtle, believable, socially engineered, and account for over 45% of email traffic. Educate to fight the phish!
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Chain based backup explained and why you need chain free backup
Chains Explained: Why You Need Chain-Free Backup
Compliance Costs, Data Storage and Reseeding, Ad Infinitum: Understand your backup chain, and know where you can expect data loss.
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How an MSP ensured Business Continuity in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida
Partner Spotlight: How an MSP Ensured Business Continuity During Hurricane Ida
Enterprise Data Concepts saw lower overhead costs, recovery time, and insurance premiums and proved they were hurricane-ready.
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2021 Axcient MSP Xperience
5 Reasons to Attend MSP Xperience 2021
Axcient is holding its second annual partner event, MSP Xperience, on Tuesday, October 26th, from 1-4 pm EST
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8 Tips for Optimizing Your Disaster Recovery Plan
8 Tips for Optimizing Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Proven ways to make sure your disaster recovery plan can guarantee business continuity during disaster
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Local Cache for fast recovery without pricey hardware
Local Cache for Fast Recovery Without the Pricey Hardware
Local Cache is a D2C feature for MSPs who want to deprioritize on-prem storage and directly backup to the cloud.
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Backups, Insurance, and IR: Why MSPs Need All 3
Art Gross and Ben Nowacky discuss security standards, recent breach implications, and best practices for data protection.
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