Video: Robert Cioffi from Progressive Computing Talks Rapid Ransomware Recovery with Axcient BCDR

Hear how Robert, the COO and Co-Founder of his MSP used Axcient x360Recover business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) to restore over 2,500 endpoints, including 250 servers, for about 80 clients across 4 time zones – in just 17 calendar days.

Progressive Computing suffered an attack on their RMM platform through a flaw in the tool that allowed REvil Sodinokibi ransomware to completely infiltrate both internal and client systems. In this total ransomware takedown event, not only were all of their clients down, but so was their MSP. Luckily, with Axcient’s BCDR solution, x360Recover, plus a lot of help from the MSP community, Progressive Computing restored 100% of its data in record time.

Click the video to watch Robert speak, or read the transcript below.

MSP Robert Cioffe of Progressive Computing Talks Rapid Recovery with Axcient

The number one reason we have stayed with Axcient for ten plus years – and it’s definitely more than that – is their commitment to investing back in a relationship with us.

That loyalty is very important to us because Axcient has shown a tremendous commitment in working with partners like us to address our needs, to support us when we really need support. They understand that when we are reaching out to them, it’s almost like showing up at the emergency room. You’re not there necessarily for great or good reasons, and they’re very sensitive to the fact that when we’re calling for support, it is for very serious reasons. Their response, their commitment to getting the job done, and their show of care in their delivery of services has just been outstanding.

Axcient really stepped up. Not just as a technological solution, but as a company who showed great care and compassion when we were in our darkest hour.

My company was the victim of a ransomware attack. REvil Sodinokibi had infiltrated our RMM platform and through a flaw in that platform had encrypted over 2500 endpoints, which included over 250 servers for roughly 80-ish customers across four time zones. So that was a significant event if you’d like to characterize it that way. And Axcient really stepped up. Not just as a technological solution but as a company that showed great care and compassion when we were in our darkest hour. Their business continuity and disaster recovery product worked almost flawlessly. We had a couple of little hiccups here and there, but we recovered just about all 250 of those servers. We had an incident on one, but it was a known issue, and it was such a minor thing that we’re scoring this a 100% victory.

Not only did Axcient’s backup and disaster recovery technology work flawlessly for us, but the support staff that helped us get through that process was just amazing… They were very compassionate about our situation.

We had calls not only from their technical staff, but even senior members of their team reached out to ask simply, ‘what else can we do to help you guys?’ And it was just very comforting to know that we had someone in our corner with significant technological strength behind them that could help us in that dark time. Axcient was an integral part of our recovery process.

Now, there were other logistical challenges to our ransomware hit besides the disaster recovery and restoration of servers and critical infrastructure; we had a lot of logistical issues as well, including things like manpower – which by the way, they [Axcient] also supplemented our manpower with some of their engineers – so they really went above and beyond the call of duty there.

…We had restored almost 100% of our customers to almost 100% levels within 17 calendar days. And I can’t imagine doing that without a company like Axcient at our back.

I think it’s really important for every MSP out there to not only vet the solutions that they’re including as part of their cybersecurity protection – and we all know that disaster recovery is a critical part of the solution stack there – but like any product, it really needs to be tested. And it’s very difficult to test these things unless you’re in that real-world scenario. And I can tell you from direct, personal, and professional experience that it worked. And it worked flawlessly.

If it had not been for the Axcient technology, their BDR technology, specifically their x360Recover technology, we would not have been able to restore our customers as fast and as well as we did.

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