Partner Success Story

A Leap Ahead IT Offers Profitable, Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery With x360Recover

This MSP standardized on a business continuity solution that is flexible, robust, and affordable enough for clients of all sizes.

A Leap Ahead IT provides managed services to more than 60 businesses in the Sacramento, California area. Standardizing on Axcient x360Recover (Replibit) has armed A Leap Ahead IT with a business continuity service that is flexible, robust, and affordable enough for most use cases.

A Leap Ahead IT was fighting against the do-it-yourself mentality of clients and struggling to meet clients’ increasing expectations and small budgets. The company first saw an opportunity to improve clients’ backup strategies in 2014, when it started using x360Recover (Replibit) to back up some clients’ servers and critical workstations. x360Recover is an image-based backup software that is hardware-agnostic and OS-independent, and features chain-free backup technology, automated testing and screenshot verifications, data verification checks, and deep ConnectWise integration.

The Problem

    • Expensive BDR solutions proving incompatible with clients’ existing hardware and budgets
    • Clients using unreliable tape backups or consumer-grade backup services, increasing risk of failed recovery
    • Multiple backup and BDR vendors increasing labor costs to manage different solutions

    The Solution

      • Widespread deployment of an affordable and flexible BDR solution, matching the budgets and existing hardware of small and large clients
      • Business-class BDR solution to replace rudimentary backups, improve RTO and RPO guarantees, and reduce management time
      • Standardization on single vendor for backup, BDR, and file sync, minimizing the number of vendor relationships to manage and solutions to deploy

      The Results

        • Making x360Recover an integral part of their managed services offering has allowed them to scale their business continuity practice and meet their clients’ expectations for uptime
        • x360Recover gave them a service that all of their clients can afford and depend on

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