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Absolute Technology Solutions Found Hardware-Free Backup Delivers Significant Monthly Savings

Absolute Technology chooses x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud for near-instant recovery and business expansion.

Ending the Struggle to Ensure Business Continuity by Adopting Comprehensive BCDR

Absolute Technology Solutions was using Acronis for BDR until it took almost two weeks to restore data to a client hit with crypto-malware. While the number one reason they needed a new solution was slow recovery, it wasn’t the only issue they had with Acronis.

“x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud lets us be more competitive from a backup perspective with respect to downtime. We’ve been able to use the features as huge selling points, not only for recovery time, but also for having a backup server ready to go in the event that their primary server fails.” – Absolute Technology Solutions owner, Daniel Knight

The Problem
    • Legacy BDR solutions fail to provide the RTO necessary for business continuity.
    • Vendor sprawl decreases efficiency, increases costs, and stalls profit and margin growth.
    • Solution outsourcing neglects the unique and time-sensitive support needs of MSPs
    The Solution
      • Hardware-free BCDR ensures near-instant recovery with a minutes-long RTO and RPO.
      • All-in-one backup solves multiple-use cases and simplifies vendor management for significant savings each month.
      • Channel-only providers who are hyper-focused on helping MSPs grow.
      The Results
        • Reduced recovery time from two weeks to just minutes.
        • Grew margins by 25-30% with storage-based, structured pricing.
        • Gained 24/7/365 support with responsive communication and dedicated technicians.

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