Partner Success Story

Custom Pricing and Storage Plus Internal Support Allows Techevolution to Grow

Axcient's flexibility allows this MSP to give clients what they want and need, while growing their business.

Axcient partner Techevolution is a full-service hosting firm providing specialty internet services to individuals, professionals, small businesses, and corporate clients. Established in 1996, this Massachusetts-based MSP made the move to Axcient’s business continuity solution, x360Recover (Replibit), to differentiate service offerings. With custom pricing and storage options and internal support through two dedicated Axcient managers, Techevolution is giving clients what they want and need, while growing their business.

For years, Andy Cote, Vice President of Techevolution, relied on Datto for their business continuity services. Unfortunately, as new products were brought into the Datto ecosystem, he noticed customer service calls dwindling into sales pitches. Andy recollects, “I would be dealing with a BDR issue, but then in the same conversation, I would be pitched a new RMM (remote monitoring and management) tool, or some new network management tool. I would think, ‘This is my BDR and backup company. Why am I being pitched when I need help?’” In search of a partner provider who would actively support the growth of Techevolution, while providing the technology necessary to remain competitive, Andy evaluated a number of tools and chose Axcient as their new business continuity solution.

The Problem

    • Sales-focused partners push new products over support and business enablement.
    • Restrictive pricing models force some clients out of BDR protections.
    • Lack of flexibility in storage underutilizes MSP-owned data centers.

    The Solution

      • Dedicated support managers provide growth resources with no motivation to sell.
      • Custom pricing models let clients choose how best to structure licenses, hardware, and storage.
      • x360Recover (Replibit) provides an added layer of security to MSP-owned data centers for more premier SLAs.

      The Results

        • The fail-safe security of two o-site storage centers gives Techevolution clients, specifically those government agencies, exactly what they need no matter what. With more choice and flexibility.
        • The MSP has a financing option with the BDR hardware itself, and also the ability to purchase backup licenses with bundled storage. These options give them the ability to design the best service for their clients to support optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and client SLAs.

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