Partner Success Story

dmi Networking Ensures HIPAA Compliance For Dental Clients with Axcient

dmi gives clients peace of mind that their patient records are backed up and protected

dmi Networking is a managed service provider supporting 100 dental offices in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and has served the business community for over 30 years. The company provides IT services, including HIPAA consultation, data security, anti-virus, cloud services, backup, and more. Through dmi Networking’s partnership with Axcient, the company has given clients peace of mind that their patient records are backed up and protected.

dmi Networking chooses solutions that meet the specific needs of dental offices. The company needed to offer clients a backup solution that could back up open file types, especially those generated by Dentrix and Open Dental, two practice management applications for dentists, and imaging software suites, such as XDR. His clients also required advanced backup features, including file versioning and recovery of deleted files. Most importantly, dmi Networking needed a backup solution that complied with HIPAA. After struggling with a host of consumer solutions that lacked necessary features, Gospe ultimately turned to Axcient Backup, a dedicated backup service versatile enough to meet his clients’ requirements.

The Problem

    • Existing backup service incompatible with HIPAA requirements for protecting patient information
    • Dental clients with need to efficiently back up open database files and line of business applications
    • Clients who needed granular recovery for sensitive deleted files

    The Solution

      • Robust backup solution with HIPAA compliance and advanced recovery capabilities
      • Ability to back up open file types and exclude certain files, resulting in lower storage costs
      • Multi-tenant interface for powerful recovery and restore capabilities from one pane of glass

      The Results

        • With Axcient Backup, the dmi clients enjoy historical versioning, retention of deleted files, and a multitude of restoration options, so data is easily recoverable
        • With the help of Axcient Backup’s rich activity and audit reports, the client could identify the employee responsible for deleting the files and terminate them
        • Used Axcient to easily return to previous versions of the shared folder and recover missing information

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