Partner Success Story

Facchina Strategic Planning Leverages the Right x360 Tools to Enhance Their MSP Offerings

With x360Recover, they have total virtualization of every server that sits at their clients’ sites, and quick access when they need it.

Annapolis-based Facchina Strategic Planning was founded in 1987 by Bernard Facchina. Since the inception of his MSP, Bernard has had a front-row seat to the dramatic evolution of the needs of his small to medium-sized clients. With clients coming to him with varying requests on how best to utilize technology so as to optimize their businesses, it quickly became clear to Bernard that there was a good niche for him to help his clients in these many facets.

In addition to oering a FSS solution to meet his clients’ daily file needs, Bernard needed a disaster recovery solution that would protect his clients in the event of a data disaster. When his previous vendor notified him that his current solution was to be discontinued, he was left to vet potential replacements. Though BDR technology has historically been plagued by a level of unreliability, software complexity, and labor intensity coupled with slow speeds and high costs, Bernard found he was able to overcome these innate challenges by protecting his clients’ data with x360Recover (Replibit).

The Problem

    • Customers don’t want to learn new software
    • Clients’ internal IT teams wanted to assume responsibility of FSS management
    • Workstation downtime

    The Solution

      • Launched x360Sync (Anchor) to meet file sync and share needs without burdening the client with a learning curve
      • Anchor provided seamless management for internal IT persons
      • Total workstation virtualization with x360Recover (Replibit)

      The Results

        • Clients responded very positively to the prospect of being able to fully brand their own Anchor instance which allowed them to promote their business both internally and externally
        • Through a painless boot of a client’s virtual machine via x360Recover (Replibit), Bernard was able to get a legal client access to their machine’s data and the client was able to make their deadline with time to spare
        • x360Sync (Anchor) allowed his clients’ internal team to effortlessly manage users and monitor all activity from a single interface

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