Partner Success Story

MSP Alvarez Technology Group Overcomes Microsoft 365 Business Continuity Limitations

Alvarez bundles x360Cloud as the baked-in backup solution for all new clients for ensured business continuity.

For the past 20 years, Luis Alvarez and his team at Alvarez Technology Group in Central California have provided comprehensive IT solutions to end clients. After an incident highlighted the backup and retention limitations of Microsoft 365, Alvarez needed a solution to ensure long-term business continuity. Having implemented Axcient’s x360Cloud (CloudFinder), Alvarez is bundling the service to protect clients from lost or compromised data.

The Problem

    • Microsoft 365 does not guarantee data integrity and recommends regular backup using third-party apps and services.
    • Cumbersome search capabilities are restricted by script writing and exhaustive wait times.
    • Employees can delete files on purpose or on accident and the company may never know.

    The Solution

      • x360Cloud backs up data three times a day and ensures limitless retention and recovery without writing query scripts.
      • Smart Search enables granular filtering to quickly locate files and data without any scriptwriting.
      • Limitless retention and restore capabilities ensure data is visible and accessible forever.

      The Results

        • x360Cloud enabled the conversation with existing clients about the necessity for an additional service and provided a good transition to peace of mind for a small increase in cost.
        • The MSP positions x360Cloud as the solution for limitless business continuity. Alvarez now bundles x360Cloud as the baked-in backup solution for all new clients going forward.

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