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MSP InfoStream’s CEO Sleeps Soundly with Disaster Recovery Confidence

Backing up to the Axcient Cloud delivers fast, reliable, and profitable business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) time and time again.

With the Axcient Cloud and Axcient support, InfoStream delivers rapid disaster recovery after a ransomware attack, proactive business continuity before a natural disaster, and the confidence and peace of mind clients and business owners need.

Selling the Axcient Cloud as part of their all-inclusive “Worry-Free Backup Bundle,” InfoStream has developed a package that’s increasing profitability and client security. As their number one most popular backup and recovery option, Alan says the all-in-one BCDR solution is a no-brainer. “Shockingly, every single client we’ve brought on since developing the package has signed up for it immediately. It’s been a big easy sell for us, especially when we tell them our real-life recovery stories.”

The Problem

    Balancing Service Delivery and Cost-Efficiency

    As the CEO of InfoStream, Inc., based out of South Florida, Alan Crowetz understands the criticality of business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) above all else.

    “If there’s any vendor that we need to know has our back and will stand behind us in hurricanes and surprise outages, it’s our disaster recovery vendor. Nothing is more important,” warns Alan.

    With the pressure of looming hurricanes, on top of today’s risky cybersecurity landscape, InfoStream is focused on reducing downtime and enabling remote business availability during disasters. Unfortunately, many vendors significantly slow recovery times by throttling download and upload speeds after the first hour or two. They start strong, matching the max rate of the client’s download speed, then impose a superficial download limit that naturally throttles speed. Alan says, “In a disaster, time is of the essence. We can’t have vendors hitting the breaks. It takes you from a two-day recovery to a two-month recovery, and that’s just not going to work for us.”

    Another issue InfoStream wanted to avoid was the high technician and device costs. InfoStream’s go-to recovery plan is local data recovery, but as Alan explains, “A lot of vendors don’t want to send C drives. Either they don’t do it, or it is very cost-prohibitive. For example, every time you do it, you have to pay a technician $1,000 to load the data, and then $300 to send you the drive.” InfoStream wanted a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that could deliver the speed and reliability they promised to clients, along with cost-efficiency for profitability and MSP business growth.

    The Solution

      Comprehensive BDR in The Axcient Cloud With No-Nonsense Affordability

      InfoStream sought a complete BDR service that included everything: backup monitoring, an all-in-one software, local
      backups, off-site protected backups, cloud backups, redundant storage, and so on.

      Alan says, “The closest second we found to Axcient was extremely expensive and still missing a bunch of features that we considered critical. Honestly, we thought Axcient was too good to be true.” However, after rolling out the solution and completing some tests, Alan says, “It ended up being this amazing solution that was shockingly affordable and we moved our clients to Axcient in droves.”

      With Axcient’s backup health monitoring, alerting, and reporting of potential issues, Alan gained confidence in their backup integrity and subsequent ability to recover. Unlimited storage and retention with no-cost USB and C drives stunned Alan and provided reliable recovery from the cloud. Alan explains, “If we’re going to backup 20 new clients or a giant server, Axcient overnights us a USB drive for no charge, shipping is included, and we just throw all the data on it and drop it in the mail. It works the other way too. If we have a disaster and need to get the data back, Axcient sends a C drive at no cost. Shockingly, it’s very hard to find any companies that do that. The ones that do charge an enormous fee, extra labor, and all kinds of gotchas.”

      The Results

        “After a new client was hit with ransomware, we were able to swoop in and bring them back up very quickly and completely, even with various snapshots and points in time. The client was instantly a big believer in us and immediately started giving us testimonials and reviews, singing our praises. But, really, it was because of how this Axcient backup solution works.”  – Alan Crowetz, CEO of InfoStream, Inc.

        THE RESULTS:

        • Full speed data download and upload – no throttling
        • 24 hours to 100% recovery
        • 0% of data lost after ransomware
        • Sleep soundly with BDR confidence
        • Proactive cloud backups in preparation for hurricane disaster

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