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Reducing the Time Spent on Support Tickets by 75% With Easy to Use, Modern BCDR

Midwest Computech moves from Acronis to x360Recover to increase recovery speed and boost margins.

Struggling to Boost Margins with Legacy Backup

As the CIO of Midwest Computech, Ryan Keele is invested in delivering customers a positive experience with their business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions. Having relied on Acronis for years, Midwest Computech sought a competitively priced BCDR solution to reduce support tickets and management costs and virtualize quickly for faster recovery. Ryan says, “The older devices and servers we used to use were 7.2 RPM drives. When we virtualized something on there, yes, it ran, but it ran very slow.”

Midwest Computech backs up client data on local devices that are also backed up to colocations off-site. Unfortunately, issues like backup failure and user error resulted in a large number of support tickets, which required substantial resources to manage. The extra costs reduced Midwest Computech’s potential profit margins and increased their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Simple pricing and cost-efficiency also have Midwest Computech taking advantage of Axcient’s hardware-free BCDR solution, x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C). Seeing the profit potential of standardizing under one backup vendor, Midwest Computech is migrating all their backups from Acronis to Axcient to reduce vendor management costs while meeting multiple business use cases.

The Problem

    • Legacy BCDR solutions break easily and require additional troubleshooting resources from support.
    • Virtualizing on old servers increases recovery times and threatens SLAs.
    • Vendor sprawl increases management costs and complexity without adding to business goals.

    The Solution

      • Modern, regularly updated, and easy-to-use BCDR solution with a lower risk of failure.
      • Devices equipped with flash memory and self-managed DR and virtualization for fast recovery.
      • Standardize under one MSP-only solution provider that can meet all backup use cases.

      The Results

        • 75% less time spent on support tickets and failed backups for increased margins and lower TCO.
        • 15-minute RPO and less than 1-hour RTO ensure business continuity and competitive SLAs.
        • More time, money, and resources are available for value-added tasks rather than wasted on vendor management.

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