Partner Success Story

Reliable BDR, Support, and Simple Pricing Enables Cinch I.T. to Charge Less While Increasing Revenue

Cinch I.T. saves clients 46% on average, making 17-38% profit margins with x360Recover for backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Cinch I.T. was founded in 2004 and launched a franchise model in 2019. Despite an already broad toolbox of solutions, Steve Lettery, Director of Business Development at Cinch I.T. says they were struggling to find an additional business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution to provide to their clients. “A big issue we were facing was reliability. We were getting multiple tickets about failed backups and server snapshots. While also the COVID-19 pandemic caused the need for a new cost-effective business continuity plan.”

Needing a vendor who was both committed to supporting MSPs and providing BCDR technology that they could count on, Cinch I.T. began vetting Axcient as their new solution. With a rapidly expanding remote workforce, cost-sensitive clients facing an unknown future, and the criticality of data protection, Cinch I.T. wanted a comprehensive solution from an MSP-only provider. They needed to not only grow their own business but provide stability to clients.

Cinch I.T. added Axcient to their franchisee stack in 2020. Steve says they chose Axcient based on cost efficiency, reliability, and support. “One of the biggest reasons was the fixed monthly rate and having infinite backup storage. Seeing demos of how the software worked, testing it out ourselves during the trial, and then working with Axcient’s support team during on-boarding, hand-in-hand, it was huge for us.” As a 100% channel-only solutions provider, Axcient is committed to working directly with partners for collaborative success.

The Problem

    • Unreliable BDR solutions require expensive and time-consuming maintenance and extra support.
    • Pooled storage, inflexible pricing, and confusing backup tiers limit scalability.
    • Solution vendors focused on their own growth fail to work with MSPs

    The Solution

      • Comprehensive BCDR provides automatic tools and updates to keep management simple.
      • Pooled storage and simple flat-fee pricing enable partners and their clients to forecast savings long-term.
      • MSP-centric solution providers collaborate with MSPs to find cost-cutting solutions for clients.

      The Results

        • Reduced BDR support tickets and associated labor hours to a fraction of the previous year
        • 17-38% growth in profit margins with simple, scalable pricing.
        • Saved clients an average of 46% on backup while maintaining their profit margin

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