Partner Success Story

x360Sync Saves Business Critical Time and Resources Amid COVID-19 Crisis

A medical clinic realized their ROI on x360Sync in less than 30 days, and significantly streamline record sharing.

Integrated Solutions has been providing the highest level of IT services as advocates for their clients for over 25 years. When COVID-19 quickly required remote capabilities like secure file sharing and real-time collaboration, they oered Axcient’s x360Sync solution. Although the majority of their clients are in the medical profession, Integrated Solutions understood the value of Anchor in a variety of industries. Compliant, secure, easy-to-use and quickly accessible, Anchor proved itself to Integrated Solutions’ clients within just 30 days through cost and resource savings.

Integrated Solutions prides itself on a select portfolio of trusted tools they use internally and have tested extensively in order to best serve their clients. Having enjoyed successes with Axcient’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution, Replibit, they then added Axcient’s file server solution, x360Sync, to their stack. When COVID-19 hit, many clients instantly responded wanting to get a virtual private network (VPN) set up, or purchase additional licenses to their existing VPN. Not wanting to open the flood gates for potential security breaches, ransomware attacks, system failures, and technology issues, Integrated Solutions saw both current and future value in offering x360Sync.

The Problem

    • Allowing open access to your VPN can crash or slow the entire system.
    • Mobile workers don’t always have secure and strong internet connections or experience with installing and accessing VPNs.
    • Security and compliance can be easily compromised in document sharing.

    The Solution

      • File Server Enablement provides access and real-time collaboration without a VPN.
      • x360Sync provides quick and controlled access in a user-friendly format that is easily implemented and quickly adopted.
      • Custom sharing parameters and cloud-enabled file sharing ensure security and compliance.

      The Results

        • The clinic realized its ROI on x360Sync in less than 30 days.
        • Using x360Sync, Integrated Solutions helped a medical clinic significantly streamline record sharing.
        • x360Sync reduced the need for paperwork – which reduced potential exposure – and even decreases capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX).

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