Axcient x360Recover Bring Your Own Device or Cloud


BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Because x360Recover is hardware agnostic, you can choose to use your own hardware, so long as it meets the minimum hardware requirements. The BYOD option requires that you download and install the software onto your hardware. This means you’ll need to pay special attention to hardware requirements. When partners choose Axcient, they can repurpose nearly any device.

BYOC Bring Your Own Cloud

Looking to use an your own private cloud vaults? Axcient partners can BYOC, or use self-hosted private cloud vaults when they deploy x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) to back up remote endpoints, desktops, laptops, servers, and workstations. x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud offers a great deal of flexibility – backing up directly to the secure Axcient Cloud, an MSP’s own private cloud, or in the public cloud without a BDR appliance. This means they can use the Axcient Cloud, provide their own cloud through their own data center, or do both to retain multiple offsite copies of critical data.

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